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Draconis Blackthorne
Nightworld by Draconis Blackthorne
By Draconis Blackthorne

"Take a tip from Dracula. Shun the light. Live by night. Listen to beautiful music." - Anton LaVey


gaze out into the black nyte, reflecting upon the storm. The old house is quiet now, with only the sounds of the usual creeking, the gusting wind, & the distant howlings of many hounds. For us of darkened perception, the active elements - rain, wind, thunder, lightning, & fog, are a deep fascination. Mysteriously, we are drawn to enjoy these animate conditions. The soft & soothing sensations of spray-like drizzle, in such a fine mist, gives a sense of lulling stimulation. The pelting droplets inspire excitement, heightens the sense of living, as the coldness awakens the flesh. The sudden flashes of lightning streaking marvellously, twisting across the ebony heavens like gnarled & skeletal fingers. Followed by the booming intensity, & echoing massive reverberations of cracking, rolling thunder. Nature conducts a frenzied symphony of violent rapture.

The spechtre of the wind - rushing, moaning, & whistling through the house, like phantoms on a Sabbath's nyte. The ice-cold breezes caressing the face.

The solemn presence of fog drapes the land with a strange & mysterious melancholy.

On such wonderful nights & days do I ponder the magnificence of these disliked elements. I walk amongst them quietly, cloaked in shadow, meditating, absorbing, & appreciating the malevolent atmosphere they create. Letting them embrace Me, to remain true to My origins.

These dark expressions of Nature edify, recreate, resurrect, & sustain the glorious flow of existence.

When the weather is without such personality, the day is uninteresting, impotent, devoid, tedious. But when the image of Satan looms across the sky in cumuli, the morbid tapestry unfolds, & the gothic charm returns.

I have always found the bleakness of the sun annoying, to say the least. The bothersome mugginess it manifests, & the cancerous rays it exudes. The vision damaging, blinding garishness it spews. The longer people stay out in it, the uglier they become. Slowly, but surely, they learn the difficult, hard way, as they grow sick & whither to nothingness. The pale brethren looking on from the Darkness in jest.

There are many harmful effects of "the abomination" {'lightmares'} --- skin cancer, premature aging, optical ailments, effects on the brain, who needs it? Who needs to bake & stew in the abomination? Many of the idiot sunbunnies seem to think they do. It is disgusting to see them laying out on the hot sand of beaches, like so many porklinks, sizzling away, destroying their once perfect skin. They seem to consider toasted flesh attractive. The inevitable result will be skin blotches, all over their pride, & the youth they treasure will rapidly fade in the lightmare. Their skin turns unnaturally brown, leathery, stained, wrinkled, UGLY! Why would anyone go out of their way to uglify themselves? The answer is obvious to any vampire, any blessed night creature who observes the idiotic lemming sun-worshippers - programming by shows like the detestible "Baywatch", & unquestioned habit. Even if they dowse themselves in gobs of suntan lotion, there is still epidermal deterioration that occurs.

The said PROGRAM is dangerous, for it blatantly states that it is "okay" to go out into the heat of the day, & bake 'neath the loathsome abomination. Thereby, sentencing all of its moronic clones to resulting years of pain, defacement, & death.

It stands to reason, that if something, or someone stands to harm you, or one's loved ones, you would protect yourself & them from injury. And such is the case with the cancerball. But what has been happening in the post-noire era, since those Annette Funacello & Gidget shows, is a mass of herd mindlessness, virtually tripping over themselves to roast on the beach.

Hell on Earth. Oblivion 'neath the abomination. The Garish Curse.

Clean beaches are hard to come by. Beaches in metropolitan areas nowadays are absolutely filthy. Sunbunnies swim in a soup of human & chemical waste.

As with the the asenine stupidities of "sun-bathing", there will be a miraculous reversal that will take place very soon. I forsee a Nightworld that shall emerge from the ashes of saute'd mortality. A return to the Noire. It will finally be realized that the glorious night preserves health, & sustains longevity. Because of the debilitating effects of the abomination, businesses will have to accomodate their sunfried customers, who, ironically, can no longer galavant under the solar radiation.

There is no such thing as "a healthy tan". What one is really witnessing is DAMAGED SKIN. How fortunate are those who have stayed out of the sun! How blessed are the Children of Darkness! How happy are those who veil themselves in the protective embrace of the black!

Thank Satan for air-conditioners! For with it, we create our own total environment.

In My Noctuary, the A.C. is regulated by the temperature outside. If it gets too hot, or even mildly warm, it flips into activation. And with the Satanic-Vampiric-Draconian Aesthetics, I preserve a perpetual Nightworld of My own.

Contingent on Dr. LaVey's shared abhorrence for remmus {read "Summertime" in The Devil's Notebook}, I propose a modified consideration for the seasons. May the mass-consciousness of the world be utilized to consider the following seasonal shift - instead of four seasons, there are now three - Fall, Winter and Spring spread out into four months each. Autumn shall now comprise the months of August, September, October, and November. Winter shall comprise the months of December, January, February, and March. Spring shall comprise the months of April, May, June and July. And with this Ecomancy, may the seasons respond in kind.

One might consider the question as to why the blindlighters are attracted to such heat & garish light. Could it be because they are cold-blooded? Certainly they conduct themselves as such, then pretend that they are not! Their foolosophies only serve to aggrivate the problem, as they become repressed, & subliminally hostile. "Cold-blooded", in the humanimal sense of the word, is conducive to weakness, instability, disorder, & death. Such is the case with the "races of Adam", or , the "children of God" - the blindlighters, who, on a actual bio-illogical level, have no true "inner heat"; & on a mental level, strive for "something" to "warm" them.

This is not to say that blindlighters literally have an actual cold blood temperature, but perhaps it is merely "normal", or luke-warm.

On the Left-Hand, Darklings, who usually gravitate towards cooler climes, are mostly very hot-blooded, & highly sensitive to the environment, thus, resinating more personally to Nature, & The Cosmos as a whole. "Hot-blooded" is conducive to Strong Life & Passion. Thus, the attraction towards Natural beauty {of Nature, including oneself, & others}, structures which compliment that beauty, & dark & gloomy surroundings.

The herd has no concept of fore-thought. They have to actually feel pain to enact some kind of change. And sometimes even then, they persist in their idiocy, but then cry out in their latent masochism to be destroyed. And it sure is fun to watch them drop like flies!

While the day-dwellers become sick & wrinkled, long before their time, darklings sustain youthfulness, by indulging, pampering, revelling in the glorious darkness of our beautiful antiquetous homes, & the sacred Nocturne. Ingesting anti-oxidants, & exercising the body to maintain personal beauty.

The Storm purifies. Not only the pollution that the foolish mortals produce, but the foolish mortals themselves. Occasionally, a storm will be particularly severe. Severe enough to take revenge, to rightfully take lives. Lives that will serve to send a message to the human race, to warn of impending doom. Lives that shall make them valuable, to fulfill their unknowing destiny in the cold grip of the swirling mists of The Storm. Place a sunbunny in the midst of the whippings of a tempest, & it will curl up & die. Death by Natural causes.

I love The Storm. The greys & the purples & the blues & the blacks. The Abyss has opened wide, letting forth great plumes of smoke to ornament the sky. Satan has outstretched His wings to embrace the land, with lightning flashing from His eyes. Breathing zephyres upon the earth, replenishing the WORTHY...

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