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Hey, this is Blue Tease featuring version4.0, "A Fantasy Becomes a Reality"! The site is about me and my life. Of course there are other things which exclude the fact that it's all me (did you get that?).

If you look to the links, I keep information of Square Enix's games such as the ever so famous Final Fantasy series. I also keep midis of them videogames. Sometimes I might add news on certain stuff I favor, like my favorite band for example!

Lastly, I added the story I'm working on called "Eternal Skies". I hope you would read it. Feel free to check out the site, and please sign the guestbook before leaving. It would be a kind way to say thanks for checking out my webby! Cya!


Not much news I have for now. I only have one in store! Hope to have more ideas for the news section.

Final Fantasy Flash Animation
Have a look at this great flash animation I found on the internet! It's one of the coolest FF Flash animation I've ever seen! It's a tribute to Final Fantasy and it's a must-see for all FF fans!

Flash Animation


Gah...so stupid of me!! The date of the update below was wrong!! I changed it to its proper date...Well...not much of an update. I just added a few info to my profile!

Uhm...I can't update the rest for a while...busy with projects and stuff. I might be able to update the piccys, but not now. Maybe if a lot of people beg for it or something, maybe i'd be able to post them...The site's kinda on Hiatus, but I'll still be updating lil' by lil'...I update my diary too!! Look forward to that...gotta go!


New things up in the site! First of all, Fantasy Realms will now be known as Blue Tease, because I was getting a bit tired of the name. I changed the address to www.blue-tease.tk so that it will be easier to remember!

GeoCities is still my host but I'll be changing some time coz I'd need more space...I'll miss it though!! The site has a major change if you noticed. Surf the site to see the new changes!

Lastly, some things are still missing. Most midis aren't up, but the gimikz in the Pictures section is working. Hooray!



Here are some little things you might wanna try. I'll put up polls, tips on whatever and etc. over here! Enjoy!

If you have any comments or suggestions for my site, please email me at teeny_cute37@excite.com.



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"Do you see the fire glowing? It means the spirits are calmed by the flickering light..." ~Pine Faralon, 15

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