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News- [February 28, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Well..looks like an update! Do ya believe it? I certainly don't. I have been way to busy trying to find a good ISP and i have. No more DSL, its time for Cable. Well, im searching for some tournaments now that we can be in. If you have any suggestions email us or post in one of the forums. Well thats about it for today. Later everyone.

News- [February 11, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Ok now. A lot of things have just happened. I got 3 new forums up on the forums page. They dont show up on the same page but they open up on new window that looks just like site. (except 1 of them) The poll has been placed up on all the links and im searching for new downloads to put up on the file archive. Well that is all the updates i have for now. Later.

News- [February 4, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. Me and Popo have been busy playing Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast. Well my DSL is coming VERY soon so im going to start getting back into TFC. Well, nothing really to update except we are getting a message forum so you can communicate with us. Well, later.

News- [January 31, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Woohoo! Got the download page up and running! I set up a file archive so that is were i am keeping all the downloads for you guys to download from. There is only 3 downloads uploaded but those are the most 3 necesities for the clan. Well go to the download page and read more. Well that is all for now, Later.(Haha, like the music? It was the first opening theme to dragonballz)

News- [January 31, 2001] - [[DBZ]Mr Popo]
Yo Igota poll up (finally). If your confused the poll questionmeanswhat other mods should we play other thanTFC or should we justleaveour clanas TFConly. Happy voting :)

News- [January 30th, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Ok, well i found a new good server, and I have also found someone who wants to join. We might get a Gohan soon. We are going to try him out soon and see if he can join. I also will get a downloads page ready soon and then we can upload the program to make your own spraypaints so you guys in the clan can make ones of your character. Well, thats all for now, later.

News- [January 29th, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Alright, well members page and server page is up and running now. Since we didnt sign up for any tournaments or ladders we wont have any clan matches soon unless we get more members. Were going for about 7 people to join before we consider having a clan match. We only have 3 members right now but we're still recruiting. Once we do join a tournament we will get a clan match page up and who will play in it. Well thats all for now. Peace!

News- [January 28th, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Hey peoples, I'm getting the server page up right now as we speak. It will probably updated and more detailed tomorrow since im really tired right now and cant make it to detailed. Well you can go to those servers if you want to get a hold of us.

Updates- [January 28th,2001] - [[DBZ]Mr.Popo] Hello everbody. I decided to update the join page and soon we will have a daily poll! well maybe not daily but there will be one. Over thenextfewweeks or so this site will be updated alot. well thats it for now, later.

Welcome- [January 27th, 2001] - [[DBZ]Vegeta]
Hello everybody. Welcome to the DBZ Clan page. I am one of the leaders of this clan. The other leader is Mr Popo :) The site isn't all that ready yet but we at least have something up. Im trying to get a Join page ready and a server page. Im trying to decide if it should be invite only and tryout, or just let anyone in. Also, there is one thing to this clan. You can only have a Dragonball Z name. Well thats all for now. If you want to get a hold of me email me at dbzvegetassj5@hotmail.com

[January 26th, 2001] - [[DBZ]Mr. Popo]
Welcome to the offical Dragonball Z Clan site! This site site has info on everything about the clan encluding clan matchs, member profiles, rankings etc. This site has just started so give me some to get all the links and sections up and working. Questions and comments are welcomed. I will have a poll up soon or you can email me mailto:ssj10gohan@hotmail.com or Im me at MajinGogetaSSJ5. some new things that I hope to have in the future are a advertisement at the top so you can suport the clan and hotmail accouts for clan members.

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