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2001/04/06NEW LAYOUT!!

2001/05/11 Hey guys sup? sorry i havent updated in a while im trying to make or find some GOOD music videos. anyways im still trying to get full episodes and movies :) AND CHECK OUT THE LINK TO ME SECTION! link to me and i will link to you!

2001/03/22I am currently still working on the full episodes and movies. please be patient more will be coming

I'd just like to welcome people to my site! i hope you enjoy it i will be updating it 2-3 times a week or even more. please enjoy your stay. :)

Dragonballs revealed
If you can't find Funimations Dragonballs, here they are.
#1 Go to Sagas-->Garlic Jr.-->It will appear after 10-20 seocnds in the bubbles by garlic jr.
#2 Go to Sagas-->Saiyan-->go to Episode #3(Gohan's Hidden Powers)-->It will appear in bottom right corner
#3 Go to Main Page-->Click Vegeta's Head-->It will appear after 10-20 seconds and it will fly across screen
#4 Go to Sagas-->Namek-->Click Episode 30(Hunt for a Dragon Ball)-->It will go acroos screen
#5 Go to Characters-->It will be the the #5 Dragon Ball Icon where the list of characters are
#6 Go to Sagas-->Namek-->Click Episode 37(Secrets Revealed)-->It will appear after a while on screen
(For number 7 you must be registered to Club Z) #7 Go to ClubZ-->Click Screen Savers-->and then type "a" on the keyboard and it will appear in top right corner
Thanks to Planet Namek for sharing that info

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