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In the names of the
Lord of Annwyn and the Lady of Affalon:
and of the Gentry in The Earth:
Welcome to the Dragons’ Nest.

The Dragons’ Nest is dedicated to the polytheology of Paganism, including the forms some call Satanism.
I am building The Dragons’ Nest to focus on ethics, philosophy, and religion of Paganism.
The Spirit of Paganism is a personal gnosis, never really touched by outside, rational forces.
Posted here are essays, poems, thoughts, images, and other attempts to rationalize the irrational nature of a Personal Spiritual Experience.
These opinions are presented, not as something wonderful, nor as the word of some god.
They are just something to read. They are here for your consideration and reading pleasure.
Mastering Magic requires some intelligence and full responsibility.
Still, the gods have a sence of humor, so why shouldn’t we?

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