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Media Fighter
Brown Bubba
Dragonfly Kids

Greetings and Salutations said the wise old man

-----DragonFly Kids-------



Listen Up

The visionaries of Brown Bubba and Media Fighters have expanded to a new production company called "Dragonfly Kids". Full of creativity and openness and musical integrity flowing like a waterfall of tang. yet since the deities are already swamped with their site, school, work, and so many other musical endeavors to make the head spin off faster than a deride. It's up to me the creator of the Stargazing Lands itself, Scince dubbed by the Cricket as "sprinkle" (for one who sprinkles insanity whereer she can) and commshend by the tangyist one himslef ---Mightey Whitey   to bring forth the newest generation musical freedom fighter to come into their own in todays corprate baddie socitey. I think this should be an interesting journey.


Mission Statement

Our mission in this crazy mixed up world that holds down the pure of hear and sets free the corporate baddies, is to expel all that negative energy and bring everyone out of their little pods and realize that the Matrix is real , that the clones of pop music at all cost be stopped otherwise.....you'll walk around with a longing and hole in your heart , searching but never finding the music to bring you peace, that is what will happen if the corporate baddies win

Saddening isn't it Kiddies, but it doesn't have to be so. Just come a knocking and bring that creativity of induvialtity to the preverbeal table of non-conformity

Visions of a New Day

What we wish to achieve in the coming of the ages

  1. Make everyone experince Video Game Play

  2. To rediscover the inner child hiding underneath the kitchen table stealing spoons

  3. Awaken everyone from the corporate music

  4. Make the music we want

  5. Having people along the way of the journey go tell others

  6. Have fun doing it

In Retrospect

So now that you have heard the story and are sticking to it , may i invite you to wander through the stargazing land who knows mabey you'll find what you always wanted but never knew till this verry moment.

Always insighting fights of insainty-----Sprinkle