Drionic Modifications
Updated July 10, 2001
by Carolyn Lamoureux
Note (06/2004): Due to the demands of work and everything else in life, I have been unable to respond to e-mails and to add other useful information to this website. Until I win the lottery (difficult since I don't buy lottery tickets!), I don't foresee any free time, so I apologize for seemingly ignoring those seeking help. I love helping others (thus this site, which I plan to keep up) but it's time-consuming, and requires more than I can currently give. Still, I have huge plans and ideas to improve this site, so hopefully I can realize that some day...


Drionic is a device used to treat a condition called hyperhidrosis, which means excessive sweating. Using tapwater (which contains ions of numerous elements, and allows conduction of electrical current), a medical treatment known as iontophoresis can be administered to the affected area, such as the palms and fingers or the soles of the feet. With sufficient treatment (7-15 hours) over a period of a week or two, parakeratotic plugs form in the sweat ducts without damaging the sweat glands, effectively blocking sweat from occurring at the surface of the treated area for a period of approximately 4-6 weeks. Periodic re-treatment is done to maintain this non-sweating state.

Articles and studies on the topic estimate that the number of hyperhidrosis sufferers to be about 1% of the population. However, I believe it would not be grossly inaccurate to say that perhaps 10% of the population is affected, but many of them simply accept it and don't talk to their physicians about the problem.

Anyway, the purpose of this page is to provide a place for other Drionic users to follow the progress of my attempts to modify and improve Drionic (as a user of the product myself). From using Drionic, I am extremely happy with the results, but there are some things that I know I and fellow Drionic users would like to see improved.

Say No To Batteries!
February 19, 2001

Never replace your batteries again! This is a low-cost solution that should last the life of your Drionic devices.

Make Your Own Plates!
July 10, 2001

The electrode plates are made of simple materials, and making your own is easy. For the cost of a replacement set of plates, you can buy materials to make over 50 replacement sets.

Cheap Replacement Pads!
July 10, 2001

The "felt pads" can be purchased in bulk from your fabric store, so why pay more?

How to get Drionic:
The most obvious place to buy Drionic is from General Medical Co., the manufacturer and distributor of the product. They charge USD$125 for a pair of hand/foot or underarm devices, plus shipping. Their website is www.drionic.com.

A visitor of this site, Jay, has generously forwarded an order form (in PDF format) that he used to purchase Drionic for a discounted price of USD$100. There appears to be no expiry date, so feel free to download and print this off. Jay writes:

I've attached a copy of drionic order form that I received a long time ago when I bought the hand/foot unit. It's the one that offer sale price ($100). I also recently used it again to buy the underarm unit. If possible, it would be great if you could put the form on your website such that other people can use it to save money. However, keep in mind that this is just a copy of the form (the real one uses shiny paper). I would put a comment suggesting people to use fax to make an order.
Another place to try is to search eBay from time to time. I've seen the device sell for $25-100. I actually bought a second pair from eBay with the intent of using it to prototype/develop a more effectively shaped unit, but I haven't gotten to that project yet.

Project Update... (March 31, 2003)
Due to numerous requests and feedback, I am researching ways to provide a no-modification battery replacement that fits into your Drionic devices and plugs into an external power source.

While the underarm devices and the hand/foot devices use the same type of batteries, the general design appears to be different enough that it may not be feasible to design a replacement device that could be used in both devices (at least not initially). I will try to design something that can be used on the hand/foot device first, and if that garners enough interest, I can work on the battery-less underarm product.

I am not planning on mass production of the battery eliminators but since I get many e-mails from people who don't want to attempt the "no-batteries" Drionic modification, I want to help by providing a good alternative. If you can also provide resources describing the power characteristics of your country's AC outlets, I'd like to construct a product that can be adaptable to different power sources (In North America, the common 2-prong 110-120 VAC source is what I'm initially starting with).

Please pass the word, as I personally don't spend time on the hyperhidrosis forums anymore (due to lack of time). I haven't received enough feedback to indicate that this is a worthwhile project yet. I don't want to do it for any financial gain or anything like that, but developing something like this does require an investment of time and equipment on my part...