The stories on this page may be offensive to some people. They are intended for adults.
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graphic language, sex, and violence.

Thank you.

Tales of Giant Couples

When a Giant Couple comes to town, you better run
'Cause smashing and stomping is Their idea of fun
They'll make love where ever They damn well please
Nothing you can do but get down on your knees

Their lovemaking can make the whole earth shake
Trying to stop Them would be a grave mistake
Their moans and groans can be heard from here to China
If you don't watch out, She might shove you up Her vagina

Or maybe He'll put you on His giant dick
He don't care if that makes you sick
You'll have to hold on for dear life
And then maybe He'll play with your tiny wife

Now you know what a Giant Couple can do
I wouldn't try to stop Them, if I were you
So just sit back and enjoy the show
Or you may get crushed beneath a toe.

-- "A. Poet"

Shipwrecked by Elske P. Paulsson (M/F growth; violence)

Sexual Growth by Vlad (M/F growth; violence)

Views Of The Island by T.I.M. (M/F growth; violence) unfinished

Janet by Ghostwriter & Giantess Fanboy (male shrink)

F**k to Grow by Prod (M/F growth; vore, violence)

Reinvention by Nyx (M/F growth, violence)

Untitled by Carbonara (male shrink)

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