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Statement from Richard Blackwell and the sponsor and head of MDR, Master Tsien Rinpoche, head of the Dharma Society of the Glorious White Peacock, in a letter to the Students of MDR after the publishing of Tapes on the Internet.

Includes a new twist on the story of Usui's notes: That they were not bought by George Blackwell, but were provided by Watanabe via an acquaintance to Tsien Rinpoche and an acknowledgement and apology of the plot to propagate these notes as if they were owned by the Blackwell family. The letter contains intense criticism of the western student, and of the followers of Reiki. It also highlights evasion of taxes by Richard Blackwell and Tsien Rinpoche by smuggling gold coins across international borders. Of course, some of this may be true, but it still would seem that based on the tape recording of Richard Blackwell (probably from around 1994), contained on this site, that the notes do not exist in the physical realm. At this point, Richard Blackwell and Tsien Rinpoche are intending to produce a few of these notes in the summer of 2003.

The letter also states that the reason no one can verify any of Richard Blackwell's claims to having been recognized as a Rinpoche or studying as a Lama, and that all such investigations end in a dead end, is because Richard Blackwell is forced to use an alias due to undercover work for a US Intelligence Agency and that if he refused to cooperate, he could be arrested. What the letter does not explain is why Richard Blackwell "and Master Tsein Rinpoche" have repeatedly for years refused to provide the name, address, and phone number of the author of this letter, the sponsor of and head of MDR, Master Tsien Rinpoche, who is also the head of the Dharma Society of the Glorious White Peacock. He is supposed to live in Taiwan. In the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, in order to verify the authority of a Buddhist teacher to teach, one goes to the teacher's teacher to see if the teacher is in good standing in the lineage. Because of the special bond between student and teacher, such information is lovingly and willingly given and student is encouraged to meet the teacher's teacher. Instead, no one in MDR has ever seen or heard Master Tsein Rinpoche or been allowed to make contact with him in anyway, despite repeated requests. Such information would allow students to verify Richard Blackwell's claims of being recognized as a Rinpoche and a Lama, without requiring Richard Blackwell's real identity to be exposed, although if he has been using the same alias since 1974, it would also be verifiable when searching for the name Richard Blackwell. Needless to say, at this point, Master Tsein Rinpoche existence is very much in question, and the content of this letter should in no way be seen as reflective of the behavior or beliefs of any other Vajrayana Buddhist teacher that any of the Medicine Dharma Reiki students ever met. In fact, those receiving the letter were very upset by its content, and encourage anyone studying with teachers to verify their credentials and background, especially if contemplating entering the path of Vajrayana Buddhist studies. The student should do the research beforehand to educate themselves to recognize what makes a Lama 'a qualified Lama,' and what makes a student a qualified student. Try to understand what true qualifications are for a true Vajrayana Buddhist teacher and student, before engaging in study with anyone claiming to be such a teacher.

Dharma Master Tsien - February 2003 Letter

To all students of Men Chhos Reiki

Iím very sorry that there has been such a delay in my response, this was due mainly to business involvements prompted by my retirement and by your Regentís health.

First, I will address the matter of your Regentís health. Last summer your Regentís great toe was purely accidentally injured and broken by MF, subsequently ... your Regent suffered a serious sprain to his right ankle. Shortly thereafter, the Regent began to complain of severe pain in his right ankle. His physician diagnosed this as due to the sprain and simply increased his pain medication. It was not until after his arrival in Portland, when an ulcer opened on the bottom of his foot, that it became apparent that an infection existed. The physician who examined him, as the bone was involved, wished to amputate his foot. I was contacted by members of Benevolent Society and insisted that the Regent be taken to San Francisco and placed in private sanatorium sponsored by the Benevolent Society. He remained there for 17 days, and received during that period treatment with intravenous antibiotics, other Western medicines, and more importantly, Chinese medicines, which Western physicians these day use. His condition improved greatly and he returned to Portland. I wish to say, that his life was at risk during that time and his condition was no way helped by the pressure and strain brought about by the actions of certain members of the Men Chhos Sangha.

While your Regent was in San Francisco I visited him and conferred at length, and considered placing my great nephew Mr. Thomas Lin in charge as his deputy, but most fortuitous circumstances auspiciously brought the very loyal and devoted student Mr. Nikolai Gets into the picture. Your Regent Lama Yeshe still remains my Regent in North America for both the Dharma Society of the Glorious White Peacock and Men Chhos Reiki. Mr. Gets however, has been appointed his deputy as well as International Coordinator by both myself and Lama Yeshe. As Lama Yesheís physicians believe that his full recovery may be protracted, Mr. Gets will be acting for me and him in most matters. Lama Yesheís physician feels that his prognosis for full recovery is very good.

Due to the actions of a few former Men Chhos Reiki students, whoís actions I feel are very misguided if not malicious, I have decided to actively intervene to save the very precious teachings that have come to us through good fortune from Dr. Usui.

Firstly, I wish to say, that they are real and do exist in this plane, and they have not been channeled, or received in any extraordinary way other then a most wonderful synchronicity. [Editors note: hear extract from tapes] They have been held in my custodianship for a number of reasons which I consider to be valid.

Primarily, they are sprung from a very venerable Tantra. Tantric teachings are not for everyone, and are infused with a very special power. It has been prophesized, that in the time of this Kali Yuga, that many Tantras will become public and will be discussed in the marketplace, by profane and frivolous people, and thus lose their innate power. This prophesy has proven to be true, as in the last ten years the KALACHAKRA, CHAKRASAMVARA and HAVAJRA, as well as many Hindu Tantras have been published and make public and are, I am sure, being discussed and profaned by dilettante dabblers and the other proponents of New Age teachings.

The so-named ďMen Chhos TantraĒ was held in very ďclose lineageĒ in China and Japan, before it was discovered by Usui, and since his teachings are based primarily on this Tantra, I feel that his words have the weight of Tantric teachings.

To have all and sundry, pawing through the material, discussing this Tantra, and especially those who are not of our lineage, fighting over it, like chickens over a bean, would be too tragic to even contemplate, let alone condone.

Secondly, Iíve seen here in Taiwan, what the various schools of Reiki are engaged in, and in many of the cases the participants are no more than opportunistic charlatans, greedy hucksters, and dilettante timeĖservers, who have chosen to take advantage of the teachings, and the sufferings or naivety, of ordinary people. Should our material be made public, it would be used, or I must say, abused by these unworthy personages to prove their own arguments, or disprove the arguments of their adversaries. I do not believe that this is the purpose for which the Tantra and Usuiís worthy writings have come to light at this time.

Today we are facing many changes soon to come in the world order and the socio-economic structure. We are facing famine in the sub-Saharan countries, which were virtual gardens as recent as 20 years ago. We are facing depletion of the resources in our environment, especially coal and oil, and see, even now the unfortunate effects of global warming and poisoning of our waters. Portions of the sea are also dying, and corral has been destroyed at an alarming rate. I believe the secret writing has been revealed at this time for the purpose of averting suffering in the time to come. As these changes take place, many medicines will become very scarce, and even become unavailable. Means of alternative healing will become imperative, as a void will exist, and will need to be filled by something, I believe Universal Healing Reiki, and Men Chhos Reiki will help to fill that void. I will not have it placed in the hands of the greedy opportunistic hucksters or dilettante fools.

One of the major fears of myself, your Regent, and the translation committee is mistranslation and misinterpretation of this sacred material. One passage could be translated in many different ways, and interpreted in many more. Look at the way the various Christian groups have managed to interpret the Christian Holy Scriptures. This has led to a once unified group fragmenting into literally thousands of competing sects, each claiming they have a proper interpretation, and thus will escape Hell and gain Heaven while all the other groups being so misguided, that they have no hope and will reap the results of their ignorance, eternal damnation. As your Regent has pointed out, during the American Civil War, the Northern Baptists proved slavery was wrong and Southern Baptists, that it was God ordained! All from the same Holy book. I will not see or allow this to happen to the Usui material.

But we now come to the crux of the matter. The material is in my possession, and I do not choose to release it at this time. Furthermore, I will not be coerced, pressured, or blackmailed into doing so by students, who clearly do not know or understand their place as students. One major problem of the Dharma coming to the West, is that most Western students, are socially or intellectually incapable of receiving it. This is because of culture. Most of you so fully believe in democracy and personal freedom, as to place this concept above all else. What has it gotten you? People as your elected leaders, such as Lyndon Johnson, who was a psychotic bisexual; Richard Nixon, who was a traitor to his friends in recognising Communist China and deserting Taiwan; Gerald Ford, who was a nonentity, and who, according to Lyndon Johnson, had played too much college football with his helmet off; Jimmy Carter, who was a true incompetent; Hollywoodís offering to national politics, Mr. Ronald Reagan, starring as President of the United States; Mr. Bush Senior of the CIA; Mr. Bill Clinton, whose girlfriends apparently fall on their knees before him in adoration and for other purposes as well; and now Baby Bush Junior. Do you wish to assert your personal freedom to such a degree, as to merit teachers of the same caliber as your national leaders of the past and present?

Machen, the famous author, described democracy as a circus being run from the monkey house, and our Generalissimo Chiang compared it to a insane asylum run by inmates. I truly share their views as I am a proponent, of government by the competent. For some misguided reason, Westerners wish a teacher who will be directed by them, and will not endeavour to give up their personal liberty and subordinate themselves to the authority of the teacher. If this is truly what they wish, why do they need a teacher in the first place, since they feel wise enough to direct the teacher? Certainly, such wise and intellectually endowed, almost enlightened individuals, have no need of instruction.

Surely, when they perish, all wisdom and knowledge will perish with them. Unfortunately for such individuals, Buddhism clearly teaches us the exact opposite, rather than a teacher subordinate himself to the students, the student, once he has chosen a teacher must fully and completely subordinate himself to the teacher. This is especially true when the Tantra is involved.

Once one has chosen a teacher and requested the teaching, one accepts this stipulation. When you received the empowerment, as all of you have, from your Regent, you verbally promised to hold him in pure view. This was a primary vow you took and then drank the water. This means to even question your teacher, his activities or the teaching in your mind is to break your vow. It is stated in the Tantras that to gossip about or disparage him has the same karmic weight as taking the life of the Buddha. After having read some of the material that MF and TP have published, it is very clear to me that they have broken this root commitment, and it is with a heavy heart that I now expel them both from the Dharma Society of the Glorious White Peacock and from MCRKII. They are no longer permitted to teach, propagate, or otherwise, make use of the Dharma teaching of the above mentioned organizations.

According to Buddhist Canon, their students are strongly advised to seek other authorised teachers within the Society and along with the all other members of the society are advised to have no further discourse or contact in any way with them. According to the strictest of the interpretation of the Buddhist Canon, any further contact after their expulsion would result in breakage of your own vows. According to the liberal interpretation, to which I adhere, you are only endangering your vows.

For the past year these two individuals have looked for flaws in their teacher and the teaching, rather than positively seeking those things which support the teaching and the teacher, and now are trying to bring both the teacher and the teaching into disrepute. This kind of action is not new, nor is this kind of student a new thing. I know the face, and it is the same face, that appears generation after generation, and it must be recognised for what it is. In Buddhist history it was the face of Devadatta; in Usuiís generation, it was a Dr. Tang, and so does it go. Motivated by ego and self-importance and fuelled by a feeling of neglect by their teacher, certain individuals will seek a reason for the rebelliousness, and the imagined inadequacy of their teacher, and thus in order to justify themselves will then attack their teacher and urge other students to join them in their folly. This is truly a sad thing when it occurs and such actions in the past have nearly destroyed fine teachers and very beneficial teachings. Let us not allow this to happen in Men Chhos Reiki. And let us not allow the wrong opinions of a few to influence the many.

Since MFís and TFís estrangement from your Regent they have pointed out a number of inconsistencies concerning the origin of the teachings, and your Regentís background. This can be explained with a few simple explanations, that should satisfy and dispel any doubts you may have.

First, a number of years ago, PH and later, TF have attempted to pry into your Regentís background and also that of his father; they have come up with little or no information and they should have known that this would be the case. Your Regent was a member of a Federal Security Agency from 1969 to 1974, and while so employed engaged in a number of covert operations on behalf of your government. It is the general procedure of such agencies to establish a cover identity when such people are discharged or resigned. They usually only last 10 years or so, however, when the agency discovered, that your Regent was in contact with a number of very influential foreign nationals living in the United States, it recalled him to a semi-active status and did not release him from that status until 1998, when he moved from Oregon to New Mexico. And in the event that he came in contact with such people again, he had been ordered to maintain that same cover. Even though the political situation has changed in the World, he has nevertheless been willing to do so. Should he have refused he could be actually arrested, even though there is little chance of that now.

This fact has upset TF, as she believes she is to be trusted and he should tell her all. She feels that this would be in the best interest of the Dharma.

Secondly, MF has long felt he should have access to all of the Reiki materials, which would be against my explicit orders. He has a number of times searched Mrs. Mildred Jerniganís private quarters to obtain the texts; there is some reason to believe that this has been at the instigation of TF. Why he would want these materials is truly a mystery to me. He has checked the mails, even opened the packages addressed to the Lama, and also secretly has tried to read files in Mrs. Jerniganís computer. I have never entrusted our taped materials to the international mails, but to couriers of our Benevolent Society, who made a point of visiting your Regent and his aunt, when MF and his wife were away for the day. They also served the double purpose of collecting the gold coins which were transferred to India and Bhutan, as should they come by courier, taxes and government assessments would not be collected on them. For some reason, MF felt this is a particular discrimination against himself. Because of these things, MF and TF have created a scenario of their own, which they actually may believe, but which has no basis in reality.

Thirdly, in 1978 your Regent was recognised by myself and the then-serving Je Khenpo as a major incarnation within the Drugpa Kagyu Order of Bhutan . Later that same year, he was recognised by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, as a speech emanation of Terton Minyur Dorje. In 1988 tentative recognition was granted by the Court of the Dalai Lama.

Now, I need to say a few things here: the Dalai Lama is of little importance to the Drugpa Kagyu Order of Bhutan; most Bhutanese refer to him as the King of Tibet or the Abbot of Ganden Monastery. In other words, his spiritual authority and his secular authority do not and never have reached across the Bhutanese border, so it would be rather immaterial as to whether he recognises your Regent or not. The request was made in 1988 purely as a gesture of politeness. At that time, good relations existed between Bhutan and the Court of the Dalai Lama at Dharamsala.

Now in 2003, due to the recognition of Thaye Dorje as the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, this is no longer the case. In fact, I understand that the Court is most upset that the revered, venerated and most learned Bhutanese Drugpa Dharma Master Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche was chosen and readily agreed to be his tutor.

Fourthly, we come to the most crucial matter; the way in which I choose to introduce Men Chhos Reiki in the West. Due to a great deal of unrest among Buddhists in Taipei, which began about 1990 and due to the squabbling among the various Reiki schools on the island, and the fact that I am Chinese, rather than Japanese, I decided to perpetrate a small deception in its introduction. But, first let me tell you a little story.

In 1939, I was requested by my father, to join him at the Imperial Court of our Manchurian Emperor in Mukden in the newly formed Imperial State of Manchukuo. I was appointed to a position of Adviser on International Finance to the Finance Minister, which position I held until early 1945.

In August of 1942, it was a very different world in Manchukuo. On the 7th of August, the Imperial Japanese fleet had defeated the Americans at the first battle of the Solomons. Our Imperial Court had begun to truly flourish. Representatives of many countries were present, even Pope Pius had sent his Nuncio from the Vatican. The German ambassador was a delight, his wife a marvel; they were truly cosmopolitan people. The Swedish diplomatic delegate, a younger cousin of the King, became a close friend of mine. He was an economist as well, and we had many interests in common. On August 23rd, 1942 a gala was given by Her Imperial Majesty and I was invited to attend. I remember it as if it were yesterday. The ladies of the Court wore new Paris gowns, the men were in Western formal retire. Both the Imperial Court and many people of importance from among our Japanese allies were present as well as numerous Europeans. Mostly they were young people under forty, determined to establish a new order in China, one incorporating the best of the East and West, yet without Western interference and domination. I remember talking at length to a Swiss member of the Red Cross about the preparation of the Peking duck, which was being served as a main course of the banquet.

The wife of the Japanese ambassador was entente and soon to deliver. Doctor Nakasone, the physician assigned to Japanese diplomatic delegation was aging and ill and was suffering terribly from the climate. He was about to return to Japan. His replacement had just arrived, a young military doctor from the Southwestern front line. Thus, it was at this gala I was introduced to Dr. Watanabe and to the Reiki teaching of Dr. Usui Mikao. Yes, it was I and not the Regentís father that received the materials. I will explain my reasons for this deception further on in this letter.

Dr. Watanabe, Takashi bonze, the chaplain to the Japanese diplomatic Mission, and I become good friends. Early in 1944 Watanabe was transferred to the Phillipines, so he entrusted the antique strong box, covered in leather (not a lacquer box) to Takashi bonze. When Takashi bonze was transferred Westward to succour the Japanese troops fighting the Russian communists, who at that time where invading Manchukuo, he because of my religious interests, entrusted the box to me.

In 1945 I was one of the party who accompanied the Imperial Heirs to Canada. The box went with me, was deposited and remained at the Canadian affiliate of the Bank of Shanghai and Hong Kong where much of my family fortune was deposited. I returned to China immediately to aid the Nationalist cause of Generalissimo Chiang. I retrieved the box on a visit to Canada in 1953. I have kept it with me since, as I believe it to contained truly unique true Dharma Teaching, which will be invaluable to mankind in the future.

As to the reason for my deception, it was never my intention for your Regent to introduce the teaching, but for GL, Reiki Master with the right heart and truly great healing ability, to introduce it. I discussed the matter with your Regentís father and we agreed on the plan. As GL had great belief, and I may say not without a true foundational bases, in you Regentís spiritual abilities, it was decided that I would pass much of the material to the Regent and he would channel it to GL, and that he and GL will then introduce the teachings, claiming the Regentís father a truly neutral person as the actual source. It took me quite a while to convince the Regent to do this. However, his devotion to me and sense of duty to obey the wishes and desires of his Dharma teacher led him to agree, although with a great deal of hesitation. Subsequently, GL lost his job as night supervisor at a food oil production plant in Portland when the plant was moved to Mexico.

At your Regentís strong urging GL took advantage of state monies available for retraining and entered into nursing school, from which he graduated and is now a registered nurse, a profession that suits him well as he is such a powerful natural healer. Unfortunately, GL was able to spend no time during his schooling at Men Chhos Reiki. I therefore convinced your Regent to take over and he readily agreed as he had experienced and come to know the power and the efficacy of the teaching and he had gained a belief in its Buddhist orthodoxy from subsequent material, which I have sent him.

I am now very sorry that I worked this deception, but at the time I felt great urgency that the teaching be introduced to counter the many spurious Reiki teachings, that were being taught. I felt that if it were not introduced at that time it would loose its credibility and be lost. At that time I was embroiled in numerous controversies with the Liberal Modernist Buddhists and felt that I should not embroil myself in Reiki controversy as well. I felt that if the claim came from a neutral party such as the Regentís father, the teaching would have more the chance to survive than if it were introduced by an elderly Chinaman, who because of his very irascible disposition had been embroiled in controversies during all of his life. Please do not judge me too harshly for this as I had the best interest if the Dharma and this teaching at heart. And do not judge your Regent in any way as he was simply following, according to the best Buddhist behaviour, the wishes of his Dharma Master.

Let us put this all behind us and in a new spirit brought about by the truth we have now learned move forward, and make this teaching significant for the future. Your Regent has asked me to indicate that any students who wish to contact him in a right spirit may do so. And that the door of compassion and forgiveness is open to all, and that does mean all, none excluded, who would wish to enter it.

I personally make an appeal to you, that those who wish seriously to continue on the teaching continue your financial support to your Regent , as at the moment his sole support is his fragrance business, and because of the limited work time permitted by his physicians he is at present unable to complete the 12 final Monographs and a bit more of the Tantric commentaries, which he wishes to complete. He does invite direct communication with those who possess a positive attitude, but his physician asks that he not be subjected to any upset or contentions.

Questions about practice and so on can be directed to Mr. Nikolai Gets and any former officials wishing reinstatement and confirmation should also contact Mr. Gets before contacting the Regent.

At the Regentís urging I plan to supply him with sample documents from the teaching. Believe me this is with great hesitation on my part, as it is not my desire. Hopefully your Regent will have recovered his health by midsummer and be able to conduct a short seminar for old and loyal students where he will allow the documents to be examined. I strongly warn you, however, that these documents will not be given into the hands of anyone else, though photocopies will be supplied upon request.

Thus to conclude, I am following the Regentís wishes and simply not ending this teaching in the West and moving the Regent, his aunt and the teaching to my estate in Taiwan, and make that available only to Chinese and other Oriental students, who know proper conduct and would maintain proper relations of students towards their teacher.

To conclude, the communications with myself and your Regent will be sent through a new International Coordinator, Mr. Nikolai Gets at the following address: 40 Bicknor Street, Templeton, Christchurch 8004, New Zealand, Ph.+64-3-344-5576; or e-mail: nikolai.guets@ His presently authorised web site is:\reiki-men.html.

Communications from anyone else claiming authority are in no way authorised by myself or by your Regent and should be ignored by any practitioner or teacher wishing to maintain relation to the parent organisation.

Dharma Master Tsien.
25th of February, 2003