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Richard Blackwell / Lama Yeshe "Channelling" Dr. Usui and Originating Medicine Dharma Reiki

Image of Lama Yeshe
Lama Yeshe/Richard Blackwell
Author of "Medicine Dharma Reiki"
(Full Circle)

60 seconds of Richard Blackwell originating the Usui notes - rb-tape1.wav (412kb)

30 more seconds of Richard Blackwell originating the Usui notes - rb-tape2.wav (234kb)

90 seconds of Richard Blackwell originating the Usui notes - combined files in MP3 format - - rb-tape1.wav (714kb)


"But this is what I wanted to say to add as sort of a note. Now I notice that Richard is becoming quite tired now, so I am going to conclude this transmission from this evening. But please do not include what I have just said in the notes because it would appear to be an anachronism. In my time chemo therapy was unheard of and it is only through my awareness, now disembodied, of chemotherapy. But one could consider that chemotherapy is a terrible punishment that is inflicted upon the patient, the patient accepts that as the punishment and the cancer vanishes. Uh, I don't think this is all truth, but I think it is part of the truth and why that particular methodology works for some people and does not work for others. So that is all I'm going to say now, and I will wish you all good night and then I will continue these notes which are actually a reproduction of the notes which I wrote to my student Wantanabe which are contained within the box which contains the Tantra before it was destroyed in the burning of Tokyo. So that is what I'm going to say now. Sairanara. "

Dharma Master Tsien - February 2003 Letter

(Letter to the Students of MDR after the publishing of Tapes on the Internet)

Statement from Richard Blackwell and the sponsor and head of MDR, Master Tsien Rinpoche, head of the Dharma Society of the Glorious White Peacock, in a letter to the Students of MDR after the publishing of Tapes on the Internet.

Includes a new twist on the story of Usui's notes: That they were not bought by George Blackwell, but were provided by Watanabe via an acquaintance to Tsien Rinpoche and an acknowledgement and apology of the plot to propagate these notes as if they were owned by the Blackwell family. The letter contains intense criticism of the western student, and of the followers of Reiki. It also highlights evasion of taxes by Richard Blackwell and Tsien Rinpoche by smuggling gold coins across international borders. Of course, some of this may be true, but it still would seem that based on the tape recording of Richard Blackwell (probably from around 1994), contained on this site, that the notes do not exist in the physical realm. At this point, Richard Blackwell and Tsien Rinpoche are intending to produce a few of these notes in the summer of 2003.

The letter also states that the reason no one can verify any of Richard Blackwell's claims to having been recognized as a Rinpoche or studying as a Lama, and that all such investigations end in a dead end, is because Richard Blackwell is forced to use an alias due to undercover work for a US Intelligence Agency and that if he refused to cooperate, he could be arrested. What the letter does not explain is why Richard Blackwell "and Master Tsein Rinpoche" have repeatedly for years refused to provide the name, address, and phone number of the author of this letter, the sponsor of and head of MDR, Master Tsien Rinpoche, who is also the head of the Dharma Society of the Glorious White Peacock. He is supposed to live in Taiwan. In the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, in order to verify the authority of a Buddhist teacher to teach, one goes to the teacher's teacher to see if the teacher is in good standing in the lineage. Because of the special bond between student and teacher, such information is lovingly and willingly given and student is encouraged to meet the teacher's teacher. Instead, no one in MDR has ever seen or heard Master Tsein Rinpoche or been allowed to make contact with him in anyway, despite repeated requests. Such information would allow students to verify Richard Blackwell's claims of being recognized as a Rinpoche and a Lama, without requiring Richard Blackwell's real identity to be exposed, although if he has been using the same alias since 1974, it would also be verifiable when searching for the name Richard Blackwell. Needless to say, at this point, Master Tsein Rinpoche existence is very much in question, and the content of this letter should in no way be seen as reflective of the behavior or beliefs of any other Vajrayana Buddhist teacher that any of the Medicine Dharma Reiki students ever met. In fact, those receiving the letter were very upset by its content, and encourage anyone studying with teachers to verify their credentials and background, especially if contemplating entering the path of Vajrayana Buddhist studies. The student should do the research beforehand to educate themselves to recognize what makes a Lama 'a qualified Lama,' and what makes a student a qualified student. Try to understand what true qualifications are for a true Vajrayana Buddhist teacher and student, before engaging in study with anyone claiming to be such a teacher.

2003 Article in the German Reiki Magazin

(Relating to the publication of the Lama Yeshe's book in German)

The new Reiki Magazine is published and includes 3 pages on the MDR story and why they do not publish the book, saying it was a spiritual lesson for everyone involved.

Saying they never would have published it without a hint that the material might not be accurate and then saying they were astonished that the material was not accurate ... long story about their own confusions, delusions, hopes and expectations.

Publishing his book in German although they never managed to have a direct contact with R. Blackwell, the manuscript got lost with half of the translation done because the computer crashed, their translator quit, they started a second attempt to translate it, then received the information about the deletion of all pages on the MDR web site and then they stopped the project. Seems to have been their first attempt to publish a book and quite a hard financial lesson. They apologize, saying truth has to be found inside not somewhere outside...