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Date: 16 décembre 1997

De: Louis Bastarache (234)

Sujet: Homeowner's insurance

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From: Doug Keller

Sent: Monday, December 15, 1997 11:33 AM

To: Mike Badley

Cc: hang-gliding@lists.utah.edu

Subject: Re: Homeowner's Insurance

At 15:02 97/12/15 -0800, Mike wrote:



>There are specific exclusions in just about everybody's generic

>homeowner's insurance for 'aircraft'.

>Talk to your insurance agent right now about adding a rider to your

>policy which will specifically cover your hang glider for fire or theft

>(even while you're on the road away from home). It won't be




>Anyway - hopefully there's more info. about this out there.



I have coverage on my policy home owners policy, it is a sporting equipment

rider that lists my hang glider specifically. It covers all perils except

while in use and is replacement cost coverage. I pay $3.00 per $1000 of

glider value per year on my current policy but have payed as low as $1.50

per $1000 per year.

I was glad I had coverage after a dust devil destroyed my glider last

spring while it was set up. It was a total loss and even though I only had

coverage for what it cost when new 4 years ago they covered the increase on

the cost of a new glider on my regular policy but I had to pay the

deductible for that portion. So for the $500 deductible I get a new glider

which hopefully should be here before Christmas.

It was a life saver because without it I wouldln't have been able to afford

much of a used glider.

I highly recommend it.

Doug Keller

Calgary, Canada

Date: 16 décembre 1997

De: Louis Bastarache (234)

Sujet: Insurance is available!

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From: Stewart Midwinter

Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 1997 3:08 PM

To: hang-gliding@lists.utah.edu

Subject: Insurance is Available!

I have fire and theft insurance on my hang glider, through Cooperators

Insurance. Just one of the benefits of living here in Canada. I also have

my paraglider insured, and my Swift. I pay about 2.5% per year. The only

limitation is that the insurer has written "not liable for damages arising

out of the use of these items" on my sport equipment floater.

Stewart Midwinter

e-mail: Stewart.Midwinter@pipe.nova.ca

Nova Gas Transmission Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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