"Once upon a time, there was a Dreamer..."

On the Californian Coast, the tang of saltwater is in the air. You can hear the ocean splash against the rocks. Few people come here, or even think about it, the city of Monterey nearby has pretty much forgotten about the deserted old theme park on a barren and out of the way peninsula. Rumor has it some college or High school kids come here occasionally, but for some reason the place seems "Out of Sight, out of mind."

And no wonder, there seems to be something constantly obscuring it.. fog at night, spray during the day.. why focus on a battered Ferris Wheel and a half broken Roller Coaster when it's so much effort? Why stick around some loon's failed attempt at Coney Island California style, when a road trip can get you to Santa Cruz for the real deal? Still, to those with open hearts, and eager minds, there is the temptation to ignore the broken wooden fence blocking it off.. there's a gap in it that looks so inviting.

What was the name of this place again anyways? Oh yeah... there's an old painted sign, somehow less faded than the rest of the fence, as if to protest being completely forgotten.

You'd swear, if you close your eyes, you can hear rides, music and laughter all inviting you to join them. Looking left, then right, the coast is clear, you do just that...

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