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This page is really to brag a bit.  Our family has had, over the years, the opportunity to collect some really great recipes from all over the world.  This page is simply a short listing and history of a few of the really good ones.

Now remember, I came from a military type of family, where times were usually hard and nothing was wasted un-necessarily.  These recipes are all quite inexpensive and easy to make.  It HAD to be that way most of the time.

Don't take this as an apology, this is "Brag"!!!!!  It's amazing what one can do with a limited budget.

This page contains several recipes on their own screens and several sub-pages to special items.  To access any particular page or sub-page, click on the name of the item.
Menu for the day
Baba's Bread
"Baba" was Susan's mother, Anne.  She was of Russian descent, and "BABA" is the short form of "Babushka", or grandmother in Russian.  Every kid that knew her called her Baba.  This lady could COOK!!!  Her bread recipe was fairly simple, but it was better than almost any other bread recipe I've ever tasted.  This is a true family favorite during holidays, especially Easter, when a half dozen loaves disappear in a day or two.  It's not your ordinary bread, somewhat heavier than most - typical Russian style.  I can tell y'all, this is definitely worth making a dozen (right!) loaves or so.

Delicious Steak
I doubt if anyone in the family has any clue as to where this recipe really came from.  What I
DO know is that it is a "poor man's" version of a very old German dish called Yeager Schnitzel, or Hunter's Steak.  The original dish was done with steaks (of whatever kind) in a mushroom gravy, with potatoes.  "Delicious Steak" is much simplere but still runs along the same lines and literally, takes minutes to prepare.

This is a really good dish, worth the few minutes it takes to make it, hence the name:
Delicious Steak

Snow Crab To Die For
God was thinking of me when he made the Snow Crab, no doubt about it!  No link necessary here - there's only one way to fix Snow Crab - in a large pot with boiling water and a lot of "Old Bay" crab seasoning.

Basically, it's simple.  Take a large pot and fill it with water - bring to a boil and put one-half cup of seasoning in for every half-pound of crab you're going to cook.  Stir it in good and drop in your crab, still frozen.  Boil 2 minutes for every half pound of crab.  This is eating!!!!!!!!!!  For me, nothing else on the table but a pile of paper napkins, plate and knife are basic necessities
(and maybe a cool one, if you're so inclined).
Today's Special
Portabella Mushrooms To Kill For
You've seen them on your grocer's shelves but thought they were too ugly, too big or too expensive to buy.

BUY THEM!           EAT THEM!           LOVE THEM LIKE WE DO!

Portabellas are probably the best mushroom in the world - if not, I'd certainly like to know what's better.  There are probably a ka-zillion really good ways to fix these, usually huge, mushrooms.  The best rule of thumb, though, seems to be to treat them like you might a hamburger.  If you do that, you'll never go wrong.

We've collected a few super-good ideas for preparing these "meal in itself" mushrooms.  Try them out, they're all good.
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Macaroni & cheese to live for.

Inexpensive BBQ'd pork chops to impress your neighbors with.
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C'mon over to Susan's Bakery.  Goodies are always available. Susan's Bakery