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I spend a pretty fair amount of time down here in the shop.  It's a lot of fun, and sometimes I even make something I like!  Hope y'all like what I've turned out here.

Saturday 8 August 2008

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Woodshop Sources
I use quite a few sources for woodworking designs - I, myself, am no kind of designer.  Below are some of my most used designs and parts sources.  Each link will open on a new page.



Wildwood Designs, my favorite of all of them

Klockit, great source for clock parts

Sherwood Designs, good painted outdoor designs

Berry Basket, my very first supplier

Cherry Tree Toys, good outdoor designs

Rockler Inc., good tool parts and supplies

Wooden Teddy Bear, Inc.

Woodshop Directory
The shop is organized so you can either simply follow the "Next" signs or you can go directly from one subject/item to another by using the directory, below.  A copy is on every page.



Woodshop Front Page
Introduction & Keychains
Trivettes / Baskets
Christmas Centerpieces & Desksets
Sleighs & Doll Bench
Home Sweet Home & Shelves
Butcher Block Table, Cedar Chest & Phone Stand
Country Furniture
Desk, Cabinet & Sign
Entertainment Center & Victorian House Finial

Front Door To Dad's Shop


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