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Our Visit To Taize, France, August 2000
After a long, long, long, long (I think you get the message!) journey by Minibus and Ferry, stopping at a beautiful campsite at Eperney in France we arrived hot and sticky at Taize and found a place to pitch our tents in the midst of 5,500 other young people.
It was an experience seeing and sharing with all these young people queuing for food, queuing for showers (ask Fiona about the "mixed" showers!!) and queuing for worship! but don't dare enter the church with bare shoulders showing.
The group Bible studies and discussions allowed for an exchange of cultures and ideas and were based on the theme "Who are we?".  The groups worked and developed together culminating in the presentation of a concert.
Prayers were sung at 0800, 1200 and 2030 and the shared meals were simple.  The worship was fantastic.  The whole experience was moving and uplifting. Study groups were held in the morning and afternoon and the day finished with a snack, fellowship and one drink in the Oyak . . . if you got there early enough.
The whole experience was great although quite tiring - If you ever get a chance to go to Taize . . . take it!
Of course you can't go to France without nipping into Paris . . . This way
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