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Brechin Diocesan Youth
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Welcome to Brechin Diocesan Youth!
The aim of the Diocesan Youth Advisor is to enable young people who have a faith in Jesus Christ to come together to share with others and realise that they are an important part of a larger family.
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This will be achieved through joint activities to which all youth are invited.  The aim is for the young people to form a Youth Action Group to look at ways of coming closer together, developing and sharing their faith and promoting Christian Youth work within each Church. As well as events organised by the Y.A.G., youth groups within Churches are encouraged to organise their own events and invite others along to share with them.  The hope is that these events will be ecumenical (with other denominations) which will strengthen the fellowship both within the groups and within the wider church and community.
Anyone wishing further information on any aspect of Diocesan Youth work should contact the Youth Advisor:

Vina Strachan
59 Midmill Road
Tel: (01382) 500616
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