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Online Lesson

Cooking Paella

Step by step instructions to prepare paella.
*Pre and post-cooking activities.
*Notes for teachers

Cooking Around the World

About Valencia, Spain

Walking in Valencia

Modernist Buildings

Online Course

English for Architecture Students:
Modernism in Valencia", Spain

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Online Course

Creación de Cursos y Comunidades
en los Grupos Yahoo"

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Webheads in Action: (WIA):
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Teresa's WIA Index

EVOnline 2003 Training Session:
Training moderators for EVonline 2003.

Webheads 2003 EVonline Session:
Reflection through experience
with a CoP

Week 1: Summary of issues.

Week 5: How being in WIA has influenced our teaching practice.

Week 6: Aspects of the quality of instruction using CMC.

TESOL 2003 Colloquium
Presentation: e-Quality

Diary: My first learning experiences with webheads.

Self-evaluation: WIA 2002.

My journey with Webheads

Web Tools Exploration Reports:
Wimba Voice Direct

Online Survey Creators

Online Rubric Creators

Meeting Webheads f2f:
Maria from Cordoba

Meet my
family and friends, and do not

forget to see my first attempts with a


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videos, chats,
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CETA presentation
about Webheads
Cordoba, Spain. April 27, 2003