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GESTAPO ALERT: Be on the look out for a drummer between the ages 16 and 29, with an interest in rock music.  Subject should be considered extremely cool.
Look for Mp3s and Midi files of our songs.  Also, includes a complete list of all songs. Information about the band. Photos of us doing our thing. News on the band and this site. List of all EPs and albums.
         Welcome to "The Watermelon Gestapo home page", formerly known as the "Dyjak / Kerrigan Demo."  Here you can download various songs we've done over the last 3 years.

          I don't like to reveal our musical influences, but if you must have something to compare us to, I would probably call us an Independent Rock Band or an "indie" band.  Of course, as Matt pointed out, this can mean anything, but nevertheless its the only title I can think that would apply.

          I am quite proud of what we have considering we are working with a drum machine (aka Korg). Also the quality is above average on most any modern sound system.

          If you should take up all of the bandwidth by downloading these songs (and you probably will), don't worry about it.  You can try again in an hour.  Besides its not like our website is exactly booming.
List of all songs as well as mp3 downloads and midi files
Here, you can download various mp3s and a whole bunch of midi files of various songs.  Also it has a full list of every song of ours, good and not so good.
Various photos
Photos of us doing our thing here.
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Basic band info here.
News on the site and us in general
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Surf Song
A solid song Matt wrote.  One of the best performances we have recorded.  Matt does a very impressive solo too so listen for it.  (Turn down the volume on your speakers just a tad to listen to this one though!)

The Day I Realized That Armageddon Was Not Just Some Dumb Movie Starring Bruce Willis
"The Day I Realized..." is a poem set to music. Matt reads and plays lead guitar and I do the backing guitar.  This is also one of the only songs not performed completely live because we did the vocals separately from the rest of the track.

Green Stripe
This is a new song written mostly by Matt.  It's a real hard rock sort of song with a cool grove.  It is probably one of our most complicated compositions so we haven't even thought about lyrics yet, but check it out anyway.  Its hard not to like.

March of the Gestapo
A new song of ours.  Again, Matts guitar lead over my backing guitar.  This song probably best describes our "theme song" although it isn't necessarily typical of what we usually record.  *Not hosted at this site.*

If I Were Human, I Would Love You
This is one of our best songs.  "...Human" sounds like Puffy AmiYumi (Japanese girl pop) meets The Wipers (80s punk rock), only with better guitar solos.   Matt wrote this one in mid 2005 and we've been developing it ever since.  This particular version was recorded on September 28th and took four takes until we got it right.

The Majestic Captain Fitzroy
Without a doubt, Matt's best song to date.  Fitzroy is a sea captain who has decided that he has had enough with Darwin's wacky ideas and leaves to go have new adeventures.  This particular version features a fade in intro and was recorded in two takes.  You'll probably take up all the bandwidth downloading this one as it is the longest song (hence the majestic title).

Harmony in Red
One of my songs, with Matt's lead guitar riff.  This is take 1 of 1.  We never did try and record it again, but it's a worthy song for a listen or two.  *Not hosted at this site*

Eddie Vedder

Here's a song I wrote long ago, but never put lyrics to until recently.  When I wrote the guitar riff I instantly thought, "wow that sounds like some crappy Pearl Jam song."  Well when we were messing around with it one day, Matt thought up some lyics mocking the somewhat overly serious Eddie Vedder and his areana rock band.  Although this version is me doing the song solo.

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Misc. Songwriter Credits:

Dyjak / Kerrigan = "The Day I Realized...," "The Sound of Dress Shoes in the Night," "Disinterested Assistance," "Destruction Jam," "Green Stripe," "Eddie Vedder"
Dyjak = "Surf Song", "Poets Drug," "If I Were Human, I Would Love You," "The Majestic Captain Fitzroy"
Kerrigan = "D-Mixolydian," "Happy Sunshine Song," "Angry Man in a Supermarket"


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All of the above tracks were preformed completley live except for "The Day I Realized..."

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