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Welcome to Dystini's mind.

Enter if you dare......

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I've decided that I like having a little paragraph of...umm...monologue. ;) So here's the latest one.

A new look, a new monologue. This one is about my latest all-consuming passion - beading!
You ask - What is beading? Go look at my beaded jewelry section or my bead page for an idea.
I love beading, don't know why exactly. Maybe it's cuz I like creating things. Maybe it's cuz I like playing with color. Or maybe it's cuz of the same thing that makes children stop at my table at the flea market where I sell my work: "Ooooh! Look at all the sparklies!!!"
I will always bead, whether I can sell my work or not. I enjoy it and for me it's relaxing.

But I have some pet peeves about certain people's attitudes about beading. For one, it's often not considered "art." WRONG!!! I know I and most other beaders I've talked to put part of our souls into our work. We spend hours, weeks, even months working on one piece, trying to make it perfect! That is not art? What about those paintings that sell for lots of money that even a 2 year old can do better? That's art and beading is not. Wrong!

Then there is the "I could make that." comment. You're right, you probably could. As a matter of fact, I've learned most of the techniques I know off the internet and there are millions of books on the subject. But do you have the patience to untie the little knots that occur in your thread no matter how hard you try to avoid them? Or worse yet, start the project over because the knot can't be gotten out and it's so close to your work that you can't tie on another thread? Or get three quarters of the way thru a project just to discover that a few beads that you thought were black are actually blue and they are in places where you can't remove and replace them so you have to start over? Do you want to have millions of plastic boxes (tackle box type) sitting all over your living room and then have your husband/kid/pet/whomever accidentally kick one and flip it over and find that all your carefully sorted beads are one big mix? Is it really worth it to go thru all that to make one necklace that I already have made and that you can buy for $30 and save yourself the hassle?

The "That's so pretty." and "That must have taken a long time to make." comments followed by the leaving without buying also pisses me off. If you like it, BUY IT!!!!! Don't tell me you like it, then leave. I also hate the pick it up, look it over, put it back, pick up a new one, etc, til you've done it to everything on the table, then leave type people. I'm ready to start a rule of "you touch it, you buy it." Besides, they never put things back properly so I have to spend the next 5 minutes straightening everything out.

And you people who bitch about how expensive it is. Did you know that at my current prices I often make less than $1 an hour? If I were to price things at what I should be making an hour, you'd be looking at prices 5-10 times what things are currently marked. It's illegal for you to make less than $5.25 an hour, why should I settle for anything less? I settle cuz nobody will pay the "what they should be" prices. Which goes back to the beading is not art argument.

By now you're probably saying, why do I bother? I bother cuz, I'm making the stuff anyway, why not see if I can sell it. I also bother because of the great pride I feel when someone buys something I spent a lot of time on and am very proud of. It's a form of approval, and the human species, me included, thrives on approval.

So do me a favor, take a look thru my beaded jewelry and if you see something you like send me an email. Cuz if you buy something, that's money I can spend on beads, which in turn enables me to make new things, which you may like and the cycle goes on. Besides, I'm a beadaholic and I love getting new beads!

Please support my addiction! lol ;)

"You can leave now but I think you'll stay."
"I AM I"
- Queensryche | Song: I am I | Album: Promised Land

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