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First update in months - Wootster @ 5:15 PM
Damn, it's been ages since I updated this place...

So anyways...

Here's a site that has a link to our site and it's only fair if we have a link to theirs. I use this place alot for guitar tabs, and bass and drum tabs for my band. It's got lots of other stuff on too, so enough of me rambling on about it, check it out for yourself:


A link will go on every page for PH.com too in the links sections, when I get around to it.

Well that's it for now, I'll try and update more because seriously, this is the first update in maybe 3-4 months. Make sure you check out PH.com by the way.

See ya dudes

AIM convo up and hate mail recieved! - Wootster @ 1:15 PM
Well, after working my ass off, I finally recieved it...


Yes, some brainwashed ICP fan sent me some comments straight from the heart in response to my article (which wasn't even dissing ICP, so WTF).

An AIM convo is up! Go check my conversation with TONY GRETZKY out, it's in the AIM Convos section so go read that, and expect more up real soon.

This has been my first update in ages, so it shows the site is infact still up and hopefully will be for a long time. Later

Entertainment section all finished - Wootster @ 3:38 PM
As promised yesterday, I finished the Entertainment section today, so that's all I'll be doing today, I'll do some more stuff tomorrow, probably finish the whole site off, but the whole Entertainment section is finished now, not bad, it didn't take half as long as I expected. So go check my The Terminator movie review out, and send one your own in.

Also, you can still write Articles, you can do them on anything, on what hairstyles are cool, lots of stuff. You can send some movie reviews, some album reviews and some other stuff that I forgot in too.

E-mail all of that stuff here

You can review ANY film, and ANY album, say how much the film rules/sucks or whatever, just please, send 'em in.

Well this update didn't take too long, thankfully, because there wasn't much to be said, remember, post on the message board! See ya

Dyzfunktual section all complete - Wootster @ 12:55 PM
I've finished the Dyzfunktual section on the site. Totally. All complete. Well, the pages work, anyway. No lyrics have been written or anythin' like that, so you should know what I mean. So there isn't alot to go check out, but it's there, so check it anyway.

Also, if any of you people have a good site that does good polls, then please e-mail me by clicking right here. Make sure you give me the URL, and I'll also credit you if I am satisfied with the site.

The next stuff I'll be working on is the Entertainment section, but I can't do that tomorrow, due to the fact that I have a big ass music project to work on, that's due in next week at school, but I will still probably finish that during the day, which will leave time for a little bit of site work tomorrow night.

And yeh, another thing. If you have a cool website and want it linked on here, then e-mail me here and give me the URL to it. I'll also expect a link on your site to mine in return. Consider it some sort of trade. The board hasn't been posted on in a long ass time (well, ten days, I consider it long ass seeing as it had 160 plus posts in like two weeks or somethin), and that's because of ezboard's banning of tons of people (well, alright, six, but I still say tons cuz they were regulars mostly). So if you honestly want to get the message board back up and running, give it some CPR by visiting it. The link is down the left under entertainment.

Well, this was a long update, and with all this said, I am out. See ya

Article, and other stuff - Wootster @ 12:10 AM
I just put up an Article on the ICP, so click on the link to the right under articles and uhhh, read it please :)

There is a poll up in the bottom right hand corner now, but it doesn't work so I'm sorting all that shit out, will probably do it tomorrow, but right now it doesnt work, and it's frustrating. Anyway, it's a nice addition to the site and looks pretty cool so, well, when it works, just vote on it. Oh yeah, message board + you posting = happy Woot. And a happy Woot means more updates.

Oh yeah, go to thespark.com (link is to the right under links) and take some of the tests, it's a really cool site and fun too. Post some of your results on the message board, it needs as many posts as possible right now, after ezboard's super banning of many people (myself, Dr Jeckyl, Sugarlump, Sprytdogg, He Man Bitch Hater, Jennifer L0pez) the board has been pretty much deader than all the victims in the World Trade Center incident (expect me and tWiStEdHaLo6sic6 to be doing some articles on all that).

If you wanna get in touch with me, just click the contact me link to the left and drop me a line. Bye

New site design - Wootster @ 9:26 PM
A new site layout has indeed, been made!

I got bored, so I thought 'why not make my site kick even more ass?', and I hope with this, I did. But, I want to know whether I did or not, so if you like it give me some feedback by AIM or e-mail. Links are everywhere so find them yourself, lazy ass. Oooooh D I S S. Positive or Negative, I don't care, just give me your thoughts, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, all the other pages will be changed to a new format *sighs* but for now they are all still up, so you can check them out if you want still. Biographies are up, and most of the other stuff is too. Also, you're all slacking lately, post on the damn message board, please!

Woot da Mack's thoughts on the Insane Clown Posse.

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