Dobromir Zahariev's Personal Page
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this is my personal web page. On this site you can find:
1. Java Workshop - useful packages for writing your Java based web applications. These I prepared for my needs, but later I may insert and some free packages made by other persons. If you have some questions or ideas to improve the quality of these tools, do not hesitate to contact me.
2. Online Projects - all projects I have been involved in and are published online.
3. Pics - Lots of pictures made by me and my friends.
4. Useful Links - A few links to useful and/or interesting sites.
Herewith I describe my professional skills and experience in suitable for printing form. I have included letters of recommendations from leading specialist in the companies I have worked for.
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Ovulation Calendar
Ovulation Calendar
At 27.07.2005 is officiall test start date for Ovulation Calendar application. Test and fixes will continue up to 01.09.2005 when is officiall start date for calendar. Good Luck "Ovulation Calendar" :-).
JFrame Framework
JFrame and JFrame Generator
I released stable versions of my JFrame framework and JFrame Generator tool. Look for details at Java Workshop section.
Linux Seminar
Linux Seminar
On 11-12.V.2002 in Stara Zagora is the traditional Linux Seminar. There is some notes I prepared for this seminar about Java and Web programming.
This design is inspired from Sun Microsystem