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Tribes Map Vault looking to make a map team like Mappers Extreme. It's about time they had some competition. If you want in, let me know. TMV vs ME -=) No really, Mappers Extreme is cool.










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Problems with EXC Metal Head? (4.8.2k)

  Hey hey hey, it's Fat Abbot. (And don't try to correct me, watch South Park -=)) I recently put my new map, EXC Metal Head, in the maps section. I think there is a .TED file problems though, so if you DL it and can't play, let me know so I can re make it. -=()



On PSS! (4.8.2k)

  Mucho gracias to Rifter for getting the link up on PSS. The maps should start flowing in now. ......... Cmon damnit flow! -=)



Tribes Map Vault opens! (4.5.2k)

  Welcome to Tribes Map Vault, the site for map reviews, downloads, and submissions. TMV was inspired by XFab Map Station, which sadly no longer accepts maps. So, you can't find a place to submit them? Well, do it here (duh). We will review your map (with human opponents and spoons) and then post it with a review, GUARENTEED. Yes, that's right, your map will get up here with no fail. Submit em!

  -=ExC=ZRenegade, Editor in Cheif/Mapper

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EXC Metal Head

By ExC ZRenegade (4.8.2k)



Starsiege Evil!!

Thx to =ExC=CeLL!