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[[[[Map Revolution]]]]

The world of mapping in TRIBES used to be one that brought pride when you played your own map on a server, and brought inspiration to improve if it wasn't good enough to make it on a server. But now, with "bandwidth issues", cocky server admins afraid to try something new, and players who refuse to play original maps, this area of TRIBES has gone sour.

  Not too many mappers still map, and the best I can think of are the mappers at mappers extreme. I also have been known to release a couple of good ones :). But now, people don't even bother to get into mapping, because refusal to play is (usually) the result of what may be a week of work.

  The end result of this is that the game of TRIBES is getting old. Yes, I said it. The eternal game of TRIBES is losing it, because playing Broadside 4 times in a row is NOT fun, although you think it is because you can get a lot of kills. TRIBES could, and should, still be the best online FPS around. But, it's not. Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament, Halflife, and even the super realistic Rogue Spear are either above or approaching the experience of TRIBES.

  Why? Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament are still big on "newness", and Halflife has enough fan based expansion to keep it fresh. Rogue Spear, with its various mods, is still fun, after what is the normal FPS's prime.

  Of course, TRIBES is older most of the games above. But TRIBES, with its hugely easy and capable customization, should still be on top, no matter what its age.

  The fact is, that there are many, many solid, fun to play, great missions out there, that have never been played in a server. I just think that server admins for one should accept new maps into their server, and even delete old ones (or make them unplayable.) This way, the game of TRIBES would never get old. To server admins, please visit our maps section, and download a TON of maps. Also, take old ones off, like Broadside and Raindance.

  To help server admins choose what maps to play and which not to play, I review them. I will, also, be putting my maps in the maps section and if these maps do not meet the rest of the staffs approval, they are trashed.

And to the common TRIBES player: Stop your stupid, pointless refusal to get a fresh experience. If someone takes Broadside, and puts an objective in the middle, you worship the map. But if someone makes a completely original idea, you turn it down without even a minutes play. I urge you to ask server admins for new maps, in turn, it will make your game time more worth while, I promise.

  Some server admins, however, don't discriminate against new maps. The best I can think of is [TEC] Talyn, the admin for the MECH Systems TRIBES Server. Talyn is a great guy to play TRIBES with, and if you ask if he'll post your map, he accepts it without denial. He even shut down his server for me, and immediatly posted my maps. One of which lagged to high heaven, but it's still on there (Reindance Siege). One of my maps, BattleOfRagnarok, enjoys success on Lopes Lunatics Renegades Server, and MECH. It is, however, not one of those "add a turret, move the inventorys, add an objective" maps though. It is pretty damn original, and people enjoy it. If you find a good mapping talent, like all of the mappers extreme people, they do make quality maps, most all of them are great.

  I'm declaring a Map Revolution. Submit your maps people! If I like them, and if we think everyone will, we will add a TMV+ to the beginning of the name. And players, if you see a TMV+ map, you know it is good enough to play. Also, if your server would like to participate in the revolution, put this button on your site.

In turn, I will put your server name and IP under the new section starting soon called Map Revolution Servers.

  Enjoy your TRIBES experience, and try the original stuff guys. You won't regret it.