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Quote of the week: "Despite their great qualities, this is not a beginner's car. It reminds me of a guy who said that there are two kinds of people who own old Bimmers: BMW mechanics, and those who wish they were." ( how right you are-NRG )

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The E21 was the 1975 successor to the 2002 and as such had a tough sporting image to live up to. Problem was that the E21 was bigger, heavier and all models until the euro 323i produced less power than the 2002tii's 130bhp. The car was not well received especially in the US, perhaps if they had the lighter and more powerful euro models they wouldn't have complained so much. US E21's had hideous and heavy federal bumpers.

Still the E21 was a good car in it's own right. It was quieter and easier to live with than the 2002 and boasted far better heating and ventilation. E21s always had a reputation for being a bit tail happy with trailing throttle oversteer, owners just thought that gave the car character.


The E21 was only available in two door form from the factory although Baur made a T-bar convertible later on. Some US companies also made full convertibles, these are very rare.


On 6 July 2002 I became the owner of a BMW 320/6 Automatic fom 1980. It is a very nice car which has the six-cylinder M20 engine. It has got a few extra's which include:

  • Original chrome fog lights

  • "Alpina"-style BMW alloy wheels with 205/60-13 tires from Vredestein

  • Power steering

  • BMW Bavaria stereo radio

I intend to use this car as a daily driver. Although it is in much better condition than my BMW 2002 Automatic from 1974.

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