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updated 9/26/2007
The Internet is a great place to search for more information regarding the War Between the States. We have provided the following links to help you search the web. 
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Directory of Units in the Carolina Legion
Carolina Legion Infantry
Carolina Legion Artillery
Battery D (Reilly's Battery), 10th N.C.S.T. (1st Reg't N.C Artillery)
Carolina Legion Cavalry


6th NCST Sutler's Row Links
Adding to the list- are you a sutler?  or member that would like to recommend a sutler? Send a note to  Webmaster Walton with your recommendations  
Where do you find such authentic stuff? We are asked this over and over. We are recognized for our authentic,  museum quality reproductions. It makes us look and feel exactly like a North Carolina Confederate Soldier from the 1860's. Some of us hand make our uniforms or equipment, but many of us buy it from folks who specialize in these wares. Like their 19th Century counterparts, they are known as Sutlers. In the 19th century, Sutlers were traveling merchants who followed the army supplying  soldiers with items they could not otherwise get. Cake & pies, canned goods, Soap, clothing, pipes & pocket knifes  and sometimes alcohol & tobacco.  Todays Sutlers attend reenactments & living histories, selling uniforms, accoutrements and weapons that are exact replicas of those used over a century ago. Below is a list of some of the Sutlers we do business with. Visit their web sites to learn what is available. Shop around, but be careful not to buy junk, if in doubt ask any experianced member. We are always happy to take a new recruit shopping on Sutler row and help them spend their money!

Disclaimer: The 6th NCST is not associated with any sutler listed and can not make any guarantees. We have done business with these fine sutlers in the past and have been pleased with their quality, price and service. We hope you will be too. 

Click on these On-line Sutlers: 
Heritage Leather- Our friend Bill Doner supplies a variety of high quality Leather Items from his Wendell, NC shop. He provides excellent service and stands behind everything he makes. 
Fair Oaks Sutler- Our friend Dennis supplies a variety of items, always with excellent service 
C&D Jarnagin - Great Leathers, Canteens, ground cloths  & lots of info on the web site 
Dell's Leather Works- Good Leather Gear 
Missouri Boot & Shoe Company You can't find better made or more historically accurate Brogans, boots and other gear
Fall Creek Sutlery- Known for their Brogans (shoes) and leather goods, but carry a little bit of everything 
Tart, Brantley & Benjamin- Authentic Cloth, uniforms, etc...It's hard to find anything more authentic (and they're North Carolinians too!)
Old North State Sutlery - FINE HISTORICAL 1860's UNIFORMS- affordable, hand-detailed Civil War Uniforms. Garments are made with special attention to details found on 19th century clothing. Mark made me a pair of custom trousers for not much more than off the rack pants...They are sturdy, authentic, nicely made and most important...I got them quickly!
Panther Primitives- The best dog-tent money can buy 
Nick Sekela/Historic Clothiers- Kevin sez: the best US gear and great US clothing, orgasmic frock coat !
Chris Daley/Historical Reproductions- Kevin Sez:the best US clothing; orgasmic overcoat 
LD Haning and Co- Knapsacks and Accoutrements 
Clearwater Hat Company- Hats 
Dirty Billy's Hats- More Hats 
Family Heirloom Weavers - Wool & Jean's Cloth 
John Wedeward Sack Coats & Stony Brook Co. Trousers- The finest reproduction Federal sack coats  and trousers available! 
John Zimmerman- Master Gunsmith- De-Farbed Muskets & Repairs 
The Company Quartermaster- De-farbed Enfield muskets 
Cotton City Tailors- Reproduction Confederate Depot  jackets and trousers 
Village Tinsmith- Isn't it obvious?
And Don't Forget these vendors that can be reached by Snail Mail : 

Mickey Black- great cotton socks 
               6378 US 601, Salisbury, NC 28147
Chris Graham- great suspenders, 7 styles 
           RR 3 Box 410-B, Hayesville, NC 28904  (704-389-6126)

 (Thanks to Kevin Barnes for contributing to this page)

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History of the Flags of the Confederacy
CSA Flags
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