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Adam Family, National Post  November 1, 1999

Passengers and Crew of Flight 990

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Classic study of our situation:
Atlantic Monthly/Wm Langewiesche (11/2001)
Wm Langewiesche interview

New evidence in re Gamil El Batouty
LA Times (3/15/2002)

Portraits of Orange Co California Families:
LA Times (3/16/02)


NTSB Final Report

American Families Respond

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NADA/F (National
Air Disaster Alliance / Foundation)

ACCESS (Aircraft Casualty Emotional Support Services)


GROWW - Grief Recovery Online

The  Mission
To provide a forum for support and
information for the families of
those aboard n  EgyptAir Flight 990, as well as dealing  wth issues concerning
improvements in air travel  safety and security. 
EgyptAir Boeing 767-300
This web site was initially developed by Rod Booher, and is maintained by the Families of EgyptAir 990, Inc.

The purpose of the site is to provide a public forum (
message /discussion board) for the families of those that were on EgyptAIr Flight 990.

This website is dedicated to the 216 victims that were on Flight 990 and their families.  The loss included Rod's sister Shaline Adam, her husband Salah, and two childen Joshua, 4 years and Rebecca, 17 months.

We welcome ideas, comments and suggestions. 

Contact the Family Association:
Jim Brokaw, President


November 26, 1999
Last update 3/22/2002
Shaline with Rebecca,17 months.