All You Wish to Know about Me, and Will be Wishing You Hadn't Wished After You Knew
All You Wish to Know about Me, and Will be Wishing You Hadn't Wished After You Knew
I am from India. I (currently) live in Chennai, though my breed of people are quite nomadic in nature. So, where I stay is very much a function of time.

I did my B.Tech (eqt to B.S.) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai ( considered by ourselves to be among the best in the world), and my post grad in management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata ( again very modestly considered by ourselves to be one of the best in the world). Have been working for the past 10 years. To view my resume, click on the Resume link at the left.

Apart from the work that the need to earn my bread compels me to perform, I use my time to do some of the following:

Read: My all-time favourites are Wodehouse, Asterix, and Management and Marketing classics. Used to thrive on a lot of detective fiction, and still love my Holmes and the guy with those little grey cells.

Write: I write a bit, general stories and articles, as well as on management and marketing.

Special Interests: New trends in aircraft design, interesting algorithms to solve real world problems, emerging trends in web search and in emarketing.

Sports: Have little time for first-hand experience. Vicarious pleasure derived thanks to the blooming TV channels: Cricket, Soccer, Athletics

Quizzing: Used to run a large site for quizzing, and currently run a Y! group for business quizzing, occasionally conduct quiz events at schools and colleges. Specific interests in quizzing on words, sports, management. Another hobby for me is collecting trivia on a range of subjects.

Music: Specific interest in instrumentals. Do a bit of guitar and veena. Ambition is to do a lot of western on the Veena and carnatic on the guitar

Oh, about the trivial thing called work - I am a sales and marketing guy. Yeah, you guessed it right, I am the guy who knocks on your door when you are sound asleep and tries to sell you stuff you never thought you had any need for...and were right about it.
The pic above is that of cacofonix, not me - though I wish it were...who wouldn't want to be part of the village of madmen we all know so well!
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My Info:
Name: Narasimhan Santhanam (Nickname: Loin)