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Welcome to the ECFL

The ECFL is an internet football league based on the football simulator Playmaker Football.

The ECFL has just finished week 6 of its first season. The Eastern division is controlled by Texas, two games ahead of Haddonfield, however the Western division is still up in the air with Pullman only one game ahead of both New Deal and Long Beach. With Denver still hanging around back two games with only four games left. The next few weeks could sure up the playoff spots for ECFL I.

If you are interested in joining the league as a Head Coach or assistant contact the league office.

The ECFL is an NFL style, draft based league, which uses the greatest football simulator Playmaker Football. We have player improvements and retirements also. The ECFL will be broken down into, the offseason, preseason, regular season, playoffs, ECFL Bowl, and Pro Bowl. Currently the league is mostly made up of new coaches to the Playmaker experience. Which makes the ECFL an excellent league to get help and experience.
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Week 7 Results:   Duluth 00 - Baton Rouge 30       Arkham 3 - Haddonfield 41       Virginia Beach 7 - Texas 70       Denver 41 - New Deal 56       Long Beach 35 - Pullman 11             Offensive Standouts:   East (TEX) QB Brandon Stone was 24-32 for 487 Yards and 5 TDs, for a 156.25 RAT       West (ND) QB John Ballard was 18-23 for 409 Yards and 6 TDs, for a 158.33 RAT         Defensive Standouts:   East (BR) CB Pete Kirk had 1 Tak, 4 Ints, 5 Pass Defensed and 1 Fumble Recovery       West (PUL) DL Marcus Terrell had 5 Tak, 2 Sacks and 1 Pass Defensed


Power Ratings

1. Texas
2. New Deal
3. Long Beach
4. Pullman
5. Haddonfield
6. Denver
7. Baton Rouge
8. Duluth
9. Arkham
10. Virginia Beach
PT Diff.

Latest News and Results

5/13/01 Texas Daily News:
Coach Brillant Dude's press conference was held today he was asked the following questions:
1. Did you think you would be leading the east at this point?
  Well hell no like I said at the start of the season I had the weakest team in the league, but we have had players step up and play well and our defense really has gotten better. Anyway a couple of weeks ago a coach in this league said our defense was nothing. Everyweek we have got better and I believe we are the #1 defense in the league. What do think about that George.
2. Since you mentioned Coach George you really want to beat him don't you?
  O no, I like chess matches with him and I told him I thought it would be Texas and his Pumpkins in the east conference game, and if it is and I can beat him, hell that would be more fun then winning the ECFL bowl. Just kidding.
3. What surprises you most about this league?
  Well how about this no team from the east has beat a team from the west? Ain't that something, I think we get last shot for us in the east we play New Deal the last game of the season.
4. Who's the best player on the Texas team?
  I don't know how you single out one player, we have a few players that have been off to a good start but that's a result of everyone doing their job, but to say one player is the best I can't say. We have some players really playing well on defense, and I feel that's been what made our success up to this point. They are not a overly talented unit but they work well together and since all my preseason trades and moves were all on that side of the ball I think that is the most pleasant surprise. I have not added 1 player to my offense since day 1.
5. Since you brought that up, the trades, you have no 3rd round choice now?
  Well thats true, but we added a 4th and that pick could possibly be close to where we would be anyway, so I think we can get 2 starters with our top 2 picks and we'll see what we get with the two 4th round picks.
6. With your lead are you thinking playoffs?
  Talking to you hell no, what playoffs, no we have challenged our team and they know what the challenge is and we'll see. Right now I have a good feel that this team could do well, but we got to make the show first.
7. What do you see in the rest of the scehdule?
  Well for one thing 3 out 4 of our games are at home with that one trip to Baton Rouge. So if we can close out strong and remain focused well be alright.
8. With the hiring of assistant Coach at Haddonfield and all the trades they have made what do you think about them?
  I don't care how many coaches they have, have one for every player if they want, but the coach over there is trying to get him a winning team and you can't fault a fellow for that and at the same time be able to get some quality future players. That's all I'm saying damn-it about them pumpkins. I know you bastards are trying to get me to say something that may fire them up. LMAO
9. Who do you like to win the west?
  Well hell I think playing the games will tell us that, but I see 3 teams over there I feel could win that conference, but the next couple of weeks will tell us alot.
10. How long do you think you will coach Texas Outlaws?
  If all I did was answer asshole reporters questions not long. Now since I called some of you that now certainly you think that I'm an asshole too and since that bullshit question that is my last one, all I have left to say is I feel we are playing well and if we can keep on who knows. Now I got to get back to coaching.

5/13/01 Baton Rouge Press:
Baton Rouge coach Jason Carach gave a short press conference today after receiving a lot of criticism from local fans after trading away WR Jeremy Flagler, who was one of the only bright spots on offense, and other role players for LB Richard Houston, WR Loeff, and a practice squad DL. Coach Carach said "Jeremy is a great player, but we feel that Kevin can take his place and we got Loeff in the trade, who is going to be our number 2 receiver." Carach indicated that Loeff has preformed very well in practice today and is expecting to see a lot of passes come his way against Duluth. Carach also spoke highly of LB Richard Houston and said, "We worked hard with the Pumpkins in making that trade. I really feel that for this team to get better we need more defense, and Richard brings just that." Carach also said "Todd has been running the ball better in the last couple of weeks and you guys might see a different style of offense this next week."
Sources close to the Bengals said that Carach is very upset with his defense against the pass and expects both Richard Houston and S George Preston, who they picked up earlier in the week, to help out in the passing defense and get plenty of time on the field. Carach expects Houston to be on the field nearly every down alongside Rodney Waddle, which may prove to be the best LB tandem in the league.

5/03/01 Panther Press:
Coach Webster of Virginia Beach has finally decided to speak to the press for the first time this season. Webster is a new Coach in the ECFL, and although his team, the Virginia Beach Panthers, have 0 wins and 4 loses Webster is confident that they can pick up a much needed win against Haddonfield this saturday, May 5th. Virginia Beach hosts The Pumpkins this saturday in a game that will mean life, or last place. The Panthers haven't had all the time for preparation that the other teams have had, but they have improved a great deal since there first game against the Arkham Graverobbers in which they were defeated 43-0. "That one really hurt our guys, a loss like that can't help a team's confidence" said webster. "We came right back the next game though with a huge improvement in our defense, but still came up short in the end" When Webster was asked about the outcome of this weekends Haddonfield game, he said "Well, i know coach nebesnik spends an awful lot of time working with his team, and also has quite a bit of much needed experience in the matter of coaching, but his team has also come up short in some of their games as well, so i feel very confident that we can beat them, but I think that it will prove to be a defensive battle." We will have to wait until saturday to see which team will come out on top, and not be the worst team in the league.

4/28/01 Pumpkin Press:
After throwing 13 interceptions and only 6 touchdown passes in 4 games, Haddonfield QB William Hellinger has been demoted to 2nd string. Coach Nebesnik visibly upset when Hellinger consistantly killed Pumpkins drive by throwing interceptions at crucial times. Hellinger again was overthrowing his recievers all day. Nebesnik named Free Agent QB Jason Bird his starter for next weeks game vs 0-4 Virginia Beach. Bird has excellent speed and intelligence, he also has very good discipline. His only knocks have been, that he has terrible arm strength. One scout reported "Jason Bird couldn't break wind with that arm of his." Bird's second issue, is his ability to avoid the rush. He doesn't have the greatest of agility. Rumors have it that Haddonfield is trying to work out a deal for Long Beach QB Jimmy Marshall. If Haddonfield can obtain Marshall over the next 3 or 4 days, look for him to get the start. Hellinger's future is in serious doubt.

4/16/01 Pumpkin Press:
After a full week of getting hammered by the Texas press, and coach Isham of the Outlaws, coach Nebesnik of the Haddonfield Pumpkins finally spoke to the media about the incident.
Nebesnik stated, "Coach Isham is just trying to give his team an emotional lift when they visit us in two weeks." "Fact of the matter is, the Texas defense has just as many holes as swiss cheese." "They have been giving up passing yards in tons." "Sure there running defense has looked pretty good, but come the end of April, we will give the Outlaws all they can handle."
Everyone knew coming in to this season that the Texas-Haddonfield rivalry will be a good one. With both coaches adding lots of fuel to the fire, this game has started to become personal. Nebesnik also went on to add:
"I am not putting any teams in this league down, but come April 28th, the Outlaws will know what it feels like to play a dominating defense." "I will teach coach Isham how the defensive part of the game is supposed to work."
With all the added pressure, the loser of this game, will have to live with their bad attitudes, until the two teams square off again in week #9 in June.
Will the Haddonfield-Texas game live up to the hype?

News Archives

Duluth 00 - Baton Rouge 30
The Bengals had the defensive performance that they have been looking for.

Arkham 3 - Haddonfield 41
The Pumpkins sweep the season series.

Virginia Beach 7 - Texas 70
Texas sweeps the season series.

Denver 41 - New Deal 56
The Lions get revenge on the Demons.

Long Beach 35 - Pullman 11
Upset of the week, we now have a 3-way tie for first in the West.

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