Every Child Ministries
are Ghana's greatest resource--
a precious treasure from God.

Every Child Ministries (ECM) is a nondenominational Christian mission devoted to the needs of African children.  Every Child Ministries is registered and officially recognized as an NGO in Ghana.  ECM joins hands with Ghanaian families, churches, and civil authorities to help develop Ghana's greatest treasure--her children--to their highest potential.

Since 1985 Every Child Ministries has been working with African churches to assure that the new generation of the continent has an ample opportunity to consider the claims of  Jesus Christ.  ECM has been working in Ghana since 1999.

ECM is a Christian NGO.  That is, our motivation for service flows from our love for Jesus Christ.  We offer Christian teaching from the Bible.  However, our services are open to children of all religious persuasions.  No child is ever forced to change his or her religion in order to participate. 

ECM Targets Ministries to: Street children, slave children,  school children, ALL CHILDREN--because EVERY CHILD is precious to God.

ECM Ghana Projects:
Hope for Street Children --two working locations in downtown Accra

*Vocational training apprenticeship opportunities for street yout

*Haven of Hope/Haven of Hope Academy
--a children's home/orphanage and Academy for disadvantaged children

Haven of Hope Children's Dance Troupe
--The children perform traditional dances as well as Christian praise choreography. (See picture at top of page.)

*Modernization of Outdated Social Practices that Negatively Impact Children-
At present we are focusing on the abolition of the debilitating practice of shrine slavery or ritual servitude called "trokosi" or "fiashidi" & the liberation and rehabilitation of shrine slaves.

*"Character Building from the Bible
"--a program reinforcing the national program of moral education (citizenship under the new curriculum) for public and private schools.

*Training for Children's & Youth Bible teacher
s & ministy leaders for churches
& resourcing such leaders through Teachers' Resource Lending Libraries

*Children's "Agape" Clubs

*Public Reading Rooms for Youth

*Film Ministry
Learn more at these sites:
Every Child Ministries International
Slave children in Africa
Box LT 453
Lartebiokorshie, Accra
Phone:  317950
Thompson Afari
Ghana Coordinator
Every Child Ministries Ghana
Training/Teaching Resources
Free on-line for African Churches
ECM Ghana Centers:
  Accra--near Kaneshie Market
   Medie--Haven of Hope Home &
   Volta Region--Sogakope & Aflao
   Eastern Region--Koforidua

Partner with ECM in building the nation of Ghana
Ghanaian businesses, churches, NGO's and individuals can partner with ECM in building the nation of Ghana:

1)  by building a generation of youth with a strong moral foundation.

2)  by providing hope to the forgotten and marginalized children of the nation.

3)  by training teachers and leaders to effectively mobilize the youth of the nation in constructive wayss.

Donations in cash
*   Donations of material goods
*   Volunteer efforts

*   Prayers
*   Spreading the word
*   Letting your church know about ECM
Inviting the Haven of Hope Dance Troupe (terms of engagement:  transportation costs & a freewill offering)
Inviting an ECM speaker on how your church can help in the struggle to abolish shrine slavery
  Sponsor a needy child
Request information on how your church can help in the struggle to abolish shrine slavery.
Haven of Hope Home & Academy
Information on trokosi & fiashidi
Abigail Quarcoo, Ghana Secretary
Other ECM Centers in Africa
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