Eau Claire Calendar for Cancer.


Some facts about the calendar...

- In it's 3rd year.
- Has already raised near $10,000 for American Cancer Society in the past 2 yrs.
- Is open this year to Eau Claire College students.
- Is now a non-profit incorporation.
- Has a goal to raise $10,000 this year!

Calendar Available on UWEC campus.

The "College QT's of EC" calendar will be available in the Schneider hall Lobby, December 11-14 @ 10am - 2pm.

We are also hoping to have them available during finals week by the book store. Info will be updated here for those dates, times, etc.


For those of you wondering about online orders... click here to place your order. Thanks to December Clothing for hosting
this for us!

About the Calendar

The Eau Claire Calendar for Cancer is in its third year of existence. pink ribbon This year, the calendar has been assembled by nine people dedicated to seeing the calendar become a success. To find out more about our team, click on "The Crew" link above.

In the past 2 years the calendar has raised almost $10,000, and we are looking to match that this year alone! We hope that our sponsors will help cover the costs of printing, advertising, etc, so all proceeds from any calendar purchased this year will go directly to the American Cancer Society. We have undertaken a big project, but sincerely believe it can be accomplished!

We have mostly been promoting this calendar using the Facebook website. Facebook is an online interactive 'society' used by many college students as well as the Eau Claire community and people across the nation. The calendar has a group on Facebook in which students and community members have joined to express their desire to be part of this project. We currently have over 240members in the group, including over 30 women who have expressed their desire to model for the calendar.

Want to be involved for next year?? If you are on facebook, please join the group. Let us know you want to be involved. If you aren't on facebook, please email Charles W Lymangood.

UPDATED 12/09/07