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Anton Schwartzenberger

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Anton was born December 12, 1903, at Napoleon, North Dakota. He died February 28, 1905 at Napoleon, North Dakota. Anton was the eldest child of Michael Jr. and Marianne Schwartzenberger. He died from convulsions as an infant.

Mary Schwartzenberger and Ephriam Haas

Photo taken Unknown Date.

Mary was born December 07, 1904 at Napoleon, North Dakota. She died July 18, 1950 at Mandan, North Dakota. Home Maker. She was the 2nd child of Michael Jr Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Ephriam Haas on May 30, 1929, at Bismarck, North Dakota. Ephriam was born July 28, 1909, at Zeeland, North Dakota, and he died August 05, 1967 at Seattle, WA. He was the son of Frederick Haas and Christina (Hertel) Hartley.

After their marriage Ephriam worked as a butcher shop manager in Mandan, ND. After Mary died he moved to Seattle, WA. where he sold cars, until his death. Mary and Ephriam loved to dance, play cards, and host parties for friends and relatives.

Mary and Ephriam Haas had 3 children: View Mary's descendants by clicking HERE.

Barbara Schwartzenberger and Roy Bitz

Photo taken Circa 1960

Barbara was born January 21, 1906 at Napoleon, North Dakota. She died on February 27, 1983 at Spokane, WA. She owned and operated an Apt. House. She was the 3rd child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Rochus (Roy) Bitz on October 23, 1923 at Timber Lake, SD. Roy was born June 30, 1898, unknown place, son of Rochus Bitz (1856) and Anna Marie Doll (1860). He died May 06, 1960 at Spokane, WA.

In the early 1940's, Barbara and Roy moved from Bismarck to Farragut, Idaho where Roy worked building concrete foundations for the Naval Training Base. In April, 1943 they moved to Spokane, WA. buying a house at 229 E Augusta. After their divorce, Barbara converted the home into a boarding house. During the period 1948 through 1951, Barbara followed the post-war construction boom, opening boarding houses to accommodate the construction workers. During this time she also tried her hand at restaurant work, operating 3 different ones before returning to her home on Augusta Street in Spokane. In 1959 she began to suffer colon problems, and in 1960 underwent iliostomy. She enjoyed dancing, shuffleboard, and playing pinnacle.

Barbara and Roy Bitz had 4 children: View Barbara's descendants by clicking HERE.

Kathyrn Schwartzenberger and Vic Adams

Photo taken unknown date

Kathryn was born February 11, 1907 at Napoleon, North Dakota. She was the 4thchild of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig. She died December 20, 2000 at Tacoma, WA. and is buried in Mandan, Morton Co. ND.

She married Victor Rail Adams on February 16, 1926 at Linton, North Dakota. Vic was born September 18, 1898 at Redfield, North Dakota. He died December 05, 1971 at Bismarck, ND. and is buried at Mandan, Morton Co. ND.  Vic was the son of Willie Mann Adams and Lillie Gertrude Jewett.

Kathryn worked as a cook in 2 schools in Mandan, ND., before retiring to Spokane, WA. after Vic's death. She recently (1995) moved to Tacoma, WA. to be near her daughter Lil, and her grandchildren. She enjoys playing cards to relax. Vic was a 1st rate auto-mechanic and relaxed by fishing, hunting, and playing practical jokes on anyone unlucky enough to be around him.

Kathryn and Vic Adams had 3 children: View Kathryn's descendants by clicking HERE.

Thomas Schwartzenberger and Julia Waltoes

Photo taken 1984

Tom was born July 16, 1908 at Napoleon, North Dakota. He died on March 03, 1994 at Spokane, WA. Occupation: Cement Finisher/Ret. He was the 5th child of Michael Jr Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

He married Julia Waltoes on January 27, 1934 at Bismarck, North Dakota. Judy was born June 21, 1917 at Huff, North Dakota. She died May 11, 1993 at Spokane, WA.

Tom worked as a master cement-finisher for many years, until he broke his leg (3 times), and his hip, forcing him to retire. Tom and Judy enjoyed dancing, cards, the Annual Cousin's Picnic, and their many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Tom and Judy Schwartzenberger had 4 children:

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Joseph Schwartzenberger

Photo taken early 1990's

Joe was born December 15, 1909 at Napoleon, North Dakota. Joe died June 11, 1990 at Renton, WA. Occupation: Machinist/Retired. He was the 6th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

He married Anne Jung on April 15, 1934 at Bismarck. North Dakota. Anne was born about 1910 at Zeeland, North Dakota. Joe and Anne divorced May 25 1947 at Salem, OR.

Joe and Anne lived in Bismarck, North Dakota after their marriage, until they moved to Salem, Oregon in 1936. There Joe drove a dairy truck until WW II broke out. He then went to work for the government at Umatlla, Or, and later at Hanford, WA. After Joe and Anne divorced he owned and operated a tavern in Hoquiam, WA; and later went into the restaurant business at Milton, WA. A few years later he moved to Renton, WA, where he worked as a machinist, until his retirement. His favorite hobbies were bowling, dancing, and especially fishing in the Puget Sound area.

Joe and Anne had 1 child: View Joe's descendants by clicking HERE.

Margaretha Schwartzenberger and Curtis James Gravley

Photo taken Circa 1965

Margie was born May 20, 1911 at Napoleon, North Dakota. She died February 06, 1995 at Spokane, WA. Occupation: Home Maker. She was the 7th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Curtis James Gravley October 10, 1936 at Livingston, MT. Curt was born June 26, 1906 at Mission Creek, MT. - 10 miles south of Livingston, MT. He died September 01, 1967 at Spokane, WA. Son of James Marion Gravley and Sylvia Geneva Bruffey. They divorced September 01 1967 at Spokane, WA. View the Gravley - Bruffey Web Pages by clicking here.

In 1932, Margie went to work at the Sweet Shop in Bismarck, ND, where she dated the cook, William Shoerer. She later learned he was married, but was pregnant. She was then befriended by Elmer Johnson, and after Edward was born they moved to a cabin at Wildwood Lake, where her 2nd son John was conceived. In 1935 she moved to Livingston, Mt, where she met and married Curt Gravley, and in the next few years 3 daughters were born. After WW II started the family moved to Spokane, WA. Curt worked at Layrite Concrete until he retired. Marge began having mental problems and had difficulty dealing with life, living in health-care facilities until her death. She died peacefully, holding her son Ed's hand.

Margaretha Schwartzenberger and William Shoerer had 1 child: View Marge's descendants by clicking HERE.

Margaretha Schwartzenberger and Elmer Johnson had 1 child:

Margaretha Schwartzenberger and Curt Gravley had 3 children: View Marge's descendants by clicking HERE.

Veronica Schwartzenberger and Louis Achilles Oglesby

Photo taken Jul 1995

Fronie was born (Private). Occupation: Home Maker. She was the 8thchild of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Louis Achilles Oglesby on August 29, 1930 at Bismarck, North Dakota. Louis was born November 17, 1903 at Evansville, IN. He died December 16, 1974 at Evansville IN.

Fronie and Louis owned and operated a farm near Evansville, IN, raising vegetables and trucking them to the Farmers Market in Evansville, where they sold them. After Louis died Fronie moved to Spokane, WA, for several years, where she enjoys dancing, sewing, playing cards, and visiting with her friends and family. She moved back to Evansville, on the original farm plot to be with her family and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Fronie and Louis Oglesby had 2 children: View Fronie's descendants by clicking HERE.

Johanna Schwartzenberger

Photo taken 1998

Johanna was born (Private). Occupation: Home Maker. She was the 9thchild of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Michael John Grinsteiner on April 17, 1934 at Bismarck, North Dakota. Mike was born June 02, 1913 at Bismarck, North Dakota and died unknown date at Spokane, WA. They divorced June 07 1943 at Billings, MT. She married John Evans on Jan 13 1962 Coeur D'Alene, ID. John was died in 1990. They divorced July 08 1971 at Spokane, WA.

Johanna worked many years for the Powers Candy Company, in Spokane, WA. She likes furniture upholstery, dancing, playing cards, watching television, and visiting with her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great- great-grandchildren.

Johanna and Mike Grinsteiner had 4 children: View Johanna's descendants by clicking HERE.

Daniel Schwartzenberger and Irene Schmidt

Photo taken 198?

Dan was born January 18, 1915 at Napoleon, North Dakota. He died March 10, 1990 at Salem, OR. Occupation: Auto Mechanic/Ret. He was the 10th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

He married Johneita Lee Rhynes on November 21, 1938 at Livingston, MT. Johneita was born unknown date at unknown city, OK. They divorced February 02 1943 Culver City, CA.

Dan then married Irene Schmidt on June 01, 1946 at Culver City, CA. Irene was born (Private).

Dan owned and operated an auto mechanic shop in Beverly Hills, Ca, until he retired. Dan and Irene then moved to Salem, Or, where he enjoyed bowling, fishing, and card playing. Irene worked many years for Lockheed Aircraft, then resigned to work with Dan in the auto shop. When they moved to Salem, she worked for a cannery until her retirement in 1983. Irene likes to design and build her own furniture, and she liked fishing with Dan.

Dan and Johneita Rhynes had 3 children: View Dan's descendants by clicking HERE.

Genevieve Schwartzenberger and Stephen Raphael Mossbrucker

Photo taken about 1992

Gennie was born November 11, 1916 at Napoleon, North Dakota. She died August 11, 1992 at Salem, OR. Occupation: Home Maker. She was the 11th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig .

She married Stephen Raphael Mossbrucker on May 15, 1935 at Bismarck, North Dakota. Steve was born December 02, 1908 near Center, North Dakota. He died February 14, 1970 at Salem, OR. He was the son of Raphael Mossbrucker and Wilhelmina Wirtz.

Gennie had been a homemaker most of her life, but during WWII she worked as a car-hop in Spokane, WA. After Steve's death she worked in a cannery in Salem, Or, until her retirement. She enjoyed playing cards, bingo, writing friends and relatives, and being with her family. Steve was a cement finisher until he contracted cement poisoning, at which time he took up carpentry. He was active in the Knights of Columbus, and served as an usher for 19 years in his church, at Salem. He liked hunting, fishing, dancing, and shuffleboard.

Genny and Steve Mossbrucker had 3 children: View Genny's descendants by clicking HERE.

Bergetta Schwartzenberger

Photo taken Circa 1946

Betty was born July 22, 1918 at Napoleon, North Dakota. She died November 28, 1968 at Los Angeles, CA. Occupation: Waitress/Family Hist. She was the 12th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Robert Peter Perrine on November 02, 1936 at Livingston, MT. Bob was born July 05, 1913 at unknown city, MT. They divorced unknown date and place.

Betty was the initial family historian for our family, keeping records of all births. Much of this data is the results of her efforts. She worked most of her life as a waitress, first in Bismarck, then Spokane, Los Angeles, and Froid, Mt. Bob Perrine and Curt Gravley were best friends, and he introduced Curt to Margie Schwartzenberger, and later they both married the sisters. Betty loved children and they adored her.

Betty and Bob Perrine had 1 child: View Betty's descendants by clicking HERE.

Francis Schwartzenberger

Photo taken unknown date

Frank was born August 08, 1920 at Timber Lake, North Dakota. He died June 01, 1975 at Spokane, WA. Occupation: Auto Mechanic. He was the 13th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

He married Rachael Bryant Ballas April 28, 1973 at Spokane, WA. Rachael was born December 13, 1922 at Billings, MT.

Frank worked many years for his brother Dan, as an auto mechanic in Los Angeles, Ca. He later moved to Spokane, WA, and continued the same line of work, until his death. He enjoyed playing guitar, and visiting with friends and family. Frank had no children:

Mathias (Matt) Schwartzenberger and Ollie Bock

Photo taken about 1985

Matt was born November 25, 1921 at Strasburg, North Dakota. He died June 21, 1992 at Seattle, WA. Occupation: Carpenter/Contractor. He was the 14th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

He married Olive Bock on June 23, 1946 at Spokane, WA. Ollie was born (Private)Ollie was the adopted daughter of Earl and Ann Bock. They divorced unknown date and place.

Matt had been a carpenter and building contractor all his life, and had always lent these skills to anyone in the family who needed them. He had a special way with kids and they all loved him dearly. He liked watching TV sports, bowling, dancing, and camping. Ollie worked as a councilor for Fircrest School for the Mentally Retarded, in Seattle, WA, since 1969. She retired from there in 1986. She loves horses and owns her own mini-ranch in the hills above Snohomish, WA. She also likes playing guitar, and entertaining friends and family. Ollie is a talented artist with water colors, and had many paintings judged at Frye Museum, in Seattle.

Matt and Ollie Schwartzenberger had 6 children: View Matt's descendants by clicking HERE.

Wilhelm Schwartzenberger and Frances Geiger

Photo taken 1971

Bill was born June 02, 1925 at Timber Lake, North Dakota. He died February 16, 1980 at Seattle, WA. Occupation: Hotel/Bar Owner. He was the 15th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

He married Frances Geiger on February 04, 1947 at Mandan, North Dakota. Fran was born (Private). She was the daughter of Prokopius Geiger and Marianne Doll.

Bill and Fran moved to Santa Barbara, Ca, after their marriage, and lived there until they bought the Jitterbug Club in Osburn, ID. Several years later they sold the club and went to Anchorage, Alaska for several years, then moved to Renton, WA, where they bought a hotel. During the next few years they bought other apartment buildings and rental properties. Bill was a wheeler dealer, and Fran took care of the dealing. They both enjoyed TV, dancing, and being with family. Fran recently bought a beautiful cabin in the Cascade Mountains, co-owner with her sons. This cabin is in the small town where they filmed the TV Series, Northern Exposure.

Bill and Fran Schwartzenberger had 2 children: View Bill's descendants by clicking HERE.

Agatha Schwartzenberger

Photo taken unknown date

Aggie was born October 24, 1925 at Timber Lake, North Dakota. She died August 31, 1984 at Newport, WA. Occupation: Resort/Bar Owner. She was the 16th child of Michael Schwartzenberger and Marianne Fettig.

She married Eugene Helbling on July 16, 1945 at Spokane, WA. Gene was born September 09, 1925 at unknown city, North Dakota. They divorced unknown date at Bismarck, North Dakota.

She then married Pal D. Walls on December 22, 1951 at Superior, MT. Pal was born March 01, 1925 at unknown city, ID. They divorced unknown date at Spokane, WA.

Aggie then married Wynn Bernard Agee on August 13, 1960 at Spokane, WA. Wynn was born August 22, 1923 at Spokane, WA. They divorced July 05 1967 at Spokane, WA.

After her sister Betty's death, Aggie took over the family history, and spent countless hours researching and tracking family members. Much of the data in this family accounting is because of her dedication and perseverance. We owe her an eternal gratitude. Aggie worked 10 years as secretary/bookkeeper for OK Tire Stores in Spokane, WA. In 1969 she bought a small hotel in Grants Pass, OR, selling it in 1973. In 1977 she bought a Restaurant-Resort on Pend Oreille River, near Newport, WA. She was murdered there when she accosted a night-time burglar in the restaurant. She enjoyed dancing, reading, TV, playing cards, and being with her loved ones.

Aggie and Gene Helbling had 1 child:

Aggie and Pal Walls had 1 child:

Aggie and Wynn Agee had 2 children: View Aggie's descendants by clicking HERE.

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