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Hee this is my special part of the page ^_^_^ Cause here its all my art!!! And then some (I probably spelt that wrong who cares) , but my pics are below so all you have to do is just click on them and then you can see them ^_^_^!!! So ya its pretty straight forward and if you still have trouble then please contact a doctor immediately (Lol jk).....


Butterfly Gaze


Tifa Chibi (Warning its really old)



Chibi Sephy

Just for Hatz


Kai and Ray

Orion (Requested Pic)


Kenny and Ray

Navi`s Quest......

Sen with Plushie

Ray and Kenny

Kakashi and Naruto

Arch Angel - Tobias

Rorouni Kenshin

Rorouni Kenshin - Coloured

Got a Light? - Coloured

I think the Purple Got To Him - Coloured

Touch The Cig And Die

Vash with Yunnies Guns

Beach Girl - Coloured

Trade - Phillis - Coloured

Dirty Bishie Kai Sketch

Dirty Bishie Kai COloured


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