How to remove the X-Sender header from the Eudora e-mail client

Works with versions 3.x through 6.x

by Bob Reardon

Many people have complained about Eudora's X-Sender revealing their dominant personality's e-mail address while the using one of their other personalities. This can be a real pain when you respond to work e-mail from home and now the person you just sent that job bid to has your personal e-mail address. Now you can't get any peace as you're now getting work related e-mail sent to your house. :-(

You can remove the X-Sender header from your copy of Eudora with Marc Boucher's small, 24k, DOS app called Edit-X. This program, when run in the directory where eudora.exe is, will allow you to remove the X-Sender line and change or remove the X-Mailer line in Eudora. This fix will work until you re-install or up-grade Eudora, at that time you'll have to run Edit-X again. I keep a copy of Edit-X in my Eudora directory all the time just for that purpose.

Notice  for users of Eudora v5.1.1 and above: If you've gotten a warning from Edit-X that says "Please quit Eudora before running this program" even though Eudora isn't running it's because the eudora32.dll file has probably been changed to "read only" status which won't allow Edit-X to do its job. Find the eudora32.dll file and remove the "read only" attribute and Edit-X will work again.

WARNING: Before you use Edit-X be sure that you shut down Eudora first.

NOTE: Complete removal of the X-Mailer line data will result in it being changed to X-Nil. A very small amount of mailing lists have choked on this header so if you have trouble with it just run Edit-X again and place something in X-Mailer line to get rid of the X-Nil info.

Return Receipts & Edit-X: At this time, 10-19-2001, the complete removal of the X-Mailer line seems to cause Eudora 5.1 to crash when a message is received with Return Receipts and you hit the "Send Now" button on the notification that pops up when you close the message. If you can verify that this happens with any 4.x version or 5.x versions preceding 5.1 please email myself or Marc Boucher with your findings.

Below is a picture of what Edit-X looks like before any modifications have been done.

If Edit-X launches and reports "Unavailable" in both the 16 and 32 bit versions just close the program, then relaunch it and it should show the X-Sender and X-Mailer lines like it does in the 32 bit version portion of the window above. You can remove or alter the "Current Value" lines but they can't exceed the number of characters used in the "Original Value" lines. I prefer to remove both the X-Sender and X-Mailer lines. To do that just follow these line by line instructions:

Press CTRL+Y to delete all of the characters in the "Current Value".

Press Enter and now the cursor jumps from the X-Sender line to the X-Mailer line.

Press CTRL+Y to delete all of the characters in the "Current Value".

Press Enter and now the cursor jumps back to the X-Sender line.

Press F2 to save changes, then "Y".

Now you can close the Edit-X DOS window. Test your work by sending yourself an e-mail to see that the X-Sender and X-Mailer lines are gone from your e-mail headers. If you've set up some Taboo-Headers in Eudora's ini file make sure that you hit the Blah, Blah, Blah button to see all the headers to make sure that they're gone.

If you want to restore the original values at a later time just:

Press F3 then "Y" to restore the original values, but you must advance the cursor through field and repeat the F3 then "Y" procedure, unlike saving the changed values above which only requires the F2 and then "Y" to be pressed once.

Marc Boucher's FAQ for Edit-X

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