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hi peoples! wasssup!!!??? this for our rockin store!!!

hopefully, we can have our store opened soon, but we obviously have to buy it first, DUH!!! anyways, here is some of the type of stuff we are going to have in it for a preview type of thing...

~ like every GOOD movie EVER made

~  tons of totally stellar arcade games like...
- frogger
- pac man
- pinball
- ski ball
- those gun shooting ones
- and much MUCH more!!!

~ a foosball table and a pool table and an air hockey table!!! we like tables!!!

~ pokemon cards in a bin next to the counter for $50 bucks a card and if a little kid asks me how much he can get for a quarter ill take a pair of scissors and cut the corner off of one the cards and give it to him.

~ lots of bean bag chairs and lava lamps!!!

~ a special listen corner to listen to rockin music like...
- michelle branch
- vertical horizon
- avril lavigne
- and much MUCH more!!!

~ a counter that sells food but only the good stuff like pizza and chips and those sno cone things.

~~~~thats it for now. the site will be updated frequently with new stuff about the store~~~~~~~~~~
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