The Epistolary Adventures of the
Edward Hopper Man
November 17, 2004

     Season 1 is up.  This is when the writing starts to be...  Well, it just starts to be.  Check it out in ye olde Archives.

November 2, 2004

     Kryten, put this out in all languages and known forms of communication.  Including Welsh.
     Haven't archived Season I yet, but I have hidden, somewhere on the site, something tasty and Christmasy.  Hope you find it.  Sign my guest book and tell me.

October 26, 2004

--The Second Post--
     The Edward Hopper Letters have been archived.  Enjoy.

--The First Post--
     Yes, my subscribers can tell you -- we just had nine weeks here at the school, so the current season, "Journal of the Adjunct Year -- Fall Semester," is halfway through.  I promised you guys some halftime entertainment, and
here it is.
     I enjoyed making changes to the Archive page, so the next time I archive a season (The Edward Hopper Letters) I'll revamp a few more of the existing pages.

October 17, 2004

     Some changes have been made.  The Archives are now no longer a cruel joke.  Well, they are a joke, I mean look at this site.  It's crap.  But it's no longer just a dead-end page insulting your intelligence.
     It is now a much better developed page which insults your intelligence.
     I have archived a season of my emails.  Enjoy.
Affairs of State
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Separate but Equal Branches
Fall Guy Media -- some old buddies of mine get incredibly bored, and with the most entertaining results.  Warning: I had the themesong to "Mr. Paragraph Paradigm" stuck in my head for days.
Foreign Relations
Everybody!  Everybody! --  the king of all flash cartoons!

Real Ultimate Power --  Everything you ever wanted to know about Ninjas (but weren't cool enough to ask)

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