Bored, i was forced to write. however, to my dismay, there are no words in my head right now. none that are intelligent, anyway. so this will be another entry that is airheaded and full of spelling and grammar mistakes, considering that is my forte. i am glad that this week is over but, looking at next week, it's going to be hell. i do have a long weekend to relax though, which is good. i am pretty sure that this weekend will not be very productive, considering i have to work tomorrow and the next day. i think that is a good note to end on...
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does she ever stop complaining;

I have chosen (to brand it wisely or not is undecided) to begin blogging again. I believe the last time i updated was mid-july and the last time i blogged was apirl some time. so, yes, it has been a while. i do have a slight situation- and that being i have several things to do in the next few months. considering that, updates could be few and far between. but the effort previously lacking will be there, nonetheless. first entry, hmmm, well there is so much to say, but unfortunately i can't remember a fucking thing i actually wanted to say, which occurs regularly for me. i will say this (and not out of right to brag, because it's hardly worth it), today i perfomed as an extra in a local production. to put it bluntly, BIG FUCKING DEAL. i will not run and have someone impregnate me due to the fact i have found some amazing story to hurry up and tell my grandkids...right. it's highly unlikely that i will remember this in a year let alone 50 or 60. but, on the plus side, i did get paid a good some of money and i did not have to attend school all day. however, i did have to wake up at the unruly hour of 4:30 am, which i wish upon no one. i think all in all, we shot two scenes in 6 or 7 hours. so that was wonderful. and by wonderful, i mean fucking horrific. well that is all.
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down with the glamor life;

ABOUT-something to entirely overlook;
social cancer

TALENT-i'd hardly call it that;

OTHER-a name too general for itself;

FUCKOFFRACY-take the back door out;