Under the Eildon Tree: A Pagan Website

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Welcome to Under the Eildon Tree. This is intended to be a site for thinking Pagans, full of my ruminations about our faith and articles and information from others as well. I have a variety of information here, both articles on a number of topics, a Book of Shadows (a work in progress), mythology and history, and classic texts in the reading section, my poetry, and some recipes that I wanted to include for no particular reason but which you might like anyway.

My name is Sgeir, and I am an eclectic Pagan (not a Wiccan). I mostly work within the Celtic side of things, as I find other Deities foreign to me. However, I am not a strict reconstructionist, though I do admire their aims. You may notice references to Christianity throughout - this is because I studied Christianity academically, and still have a great deal of regard for that religion when divorced from its hyper-fundamentalist aspects. One of the topics I intend to explore within these pages is Christophobia as well as Christian hatred of Pagans, and try to address both.

Any comments or suggestions - or indeed criticisms - of this website are gratefully solicited, and I would be delighted if you would sign my guestbook.

Blessed be.

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