Feline Tidbits

The Nation Animal Poison Control Center has a 24-hour helpline: 1-800-548-2434 or 1-900-680-0000.Fact 1 The strength of a (domestic) cat's sense of smell is 14 times that of a human's.
Vocally, cats can make more than 100 different sounds. Dogs can make about 10.
Cats purr at a frequency of about 26 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.
Big cats can roar, but lack the ability to continuously purr. Small cats can purr, but can not roar.
Because cats were originally from the desert, they buried their droppings in the sand to hide their tracks from predators.
ASPCA became America's first humane society.
Most household cats turn their noses up at cold food, serve at room temperature.
Pros and Cons of catnip 1 - under 2 years old cats are not affected 2 - effects last only 5 to ten minutes and then will take 2 to 3 hours to react again 3 - Some cats will never be affected.
Many cats spend their entire lives outdoors. Some work to limit the spread of mouse and rat populations on farms. Many of these cats are plagues by infectious diseases, parasites and sometimes poisoning.
A cat has about 19 million nerve endings in its noise, human's have about 5 million. All these nerve endings have a sensitivity to odors that contain nitrogen, a by-product of rotting food(thought to be one reason cats can be fussy eaters. To prevent this always rinse there bowl out with hot water after each meal.
Like human beings, cats go through four stages of development:newborn, bonding, teenage, and adult. Unlike their owners, cats develop rapidly and take only 12 months to reach adulthood.
When it comes to climbing the hind leg muscles push upwards very well. Coming down is another matter. Its claws curve the wrong way, its hind leg muscles are almost useless.
Canned pet foods have been one of three top-selling categories in U.S. grocery stores since 1961. More than 54 million cats are kept as pets in the US, making them the most popular household pet.
Occasional servings of dry cat food are recommended to keep dental tartar under control.
More than 30 percent of homes in the US have at least one cat.
Antifreeze is poison and did you know that less toxic antifreeze only cost a few dollars more in comparison to vet bills.
Once your cat ages beyond 8 years, she requires extra attention, especially in nutrition and grooming. Several smaller meals throughout the day will keep pace with slower digestion and metabolism. For weekly grooming, brush and then rub her coat with a damp cloth.
To make your cat's scratching post more inviting, try rubbing catnip on the material that covers it. Toy balls hanging from the top are a added attraction. Remember to praise your cat when he claws the post.
Animal behaviorists agree that a water spray bottle is a safe, effective means of disciplining cats
Many cats will reject a scratching post when the texture is too smooth.
Safe house plants include African Violet , Swedish Ivy,Baby rubber plant, Fishtail Fern. Toxic ones include Hydrangea, English Ivy, Oleander and Caladium.
Cats can quickly scan an entire backyard with a single gaze and detect almost invisible movements of a potential enemy. On the other hand, if the enemy remains motionless, a cat will have trouble locating it.
In the wild a injured cat will search out caves or other dark, isolated places. In the home, an ailing cat might retreat into the back of a closet or under bed. Until you see a vet, stay close by but don't try to invade her space. Instead, give comfort in soft, smoothing voice.
Water is an important requirement for your cat's health. Never leave the house without checking the freshness of the water.
An adult cat has 30 teeth

Did you know that rolling over on their back is a cat's way of offering you a passive-friendly gesture. This "honor" is usually extended only to close family members.
Sometines when you have two cats and one suddenly begins to pick on the other, it just might be because the other is sick.
Over 35,000 kittens are born every day

Cats can jump up to 5 times their body length

Just like a new pair of shoes, the collar should be properly fitted and worn for short periods of time until the skin gets accustomed to it
Licking their wounds hastens the healing problem...a cats saliva promotes new skin cells.
Rabies is often spread through bites from raccoons, skunks and bats.
Boiled, minced chicken or turkey & white rice is an excellent diet for convalescing cat.
The domestic cat's original coat color was most likely grayish-brown with dark tabby stripes.
Cats purring signifies a friendly social mood.
A cat with a mellow personality will usually have no trouble accepting a addition to the household.
Kittens should have there first vaccation at nine weeks and also should be kept indoors until then.
Kittens taken on short trips usually make good passengers when they get older.
Kittens should be neutered at about six months before they reach sexual maturity.
The Nation Animal Poison Control Center has a 24-hour helpline: 1-800-548-2434 or 1-900-680-0000.
Cruelty to animals is often the first sign that a person is violent. Research shows that young people who are cruel to animals are likely to be violent toward other people as well.
One of a cat's most affectionate gestures is the "love-bite"-a gentle tooth-hold on your hand or arm. Instead of pulling away, stay still for a few seconds while it lasts, then return the affection in your own way,
If you must restrain your cat for any reason, wrap her in a towel. Your vet can show you how.
Caution the cat has five weapons-four paws and the mouth.
Even if your cat stays indoors it is a good idea for you to have her receive the rabies vaccine. It only takes one time for her get out and she will be at risk.
Let refrigerated food warm to room temperature, they prefer food that matches their tongue's temp of 86.
In general, a cat's skin is insensitive temperature except it's nose, so letting your pet sleep on a radiator can cause a cat to burn its skin without it's knowledge.
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