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Hi, my name is Eis and I'm so crazy in love with Richard Marx. I fell for his music over a decade ago and still deeply in love with it.

If someone asks me why I'm so in love with Richard Marx, I will have 101 reasons to tell. I love him not only because of his good look, his previous long hair, his beautiful eyes, his gorgeous smile (that makes my world turns up side down) or his great voice, but also for his talent in composing music/songs that really touch my heart.

Another reason why I love Richard Marx is his affection and loyalty to his family. Richard and his wife, Cynthia Rhodes, have been married for over ten years now and their love keeps going stronger everyday. Loyalty is one character that I like the most from a guy. That's the reason why I really like this lyric of his song
Heaven Only Knows: I hope to die in the arms of a woman I love..
Oh, what a guy!!

Richard Marx and I share the same birthday. We both were born on September 16th. Richard was born in 1963. I am ten years younger. I'm not sure but I think that's one of the reasons why Richard and I have so much in common and have same taste in music.

Richard is well-known for his wonderful way with words. On this website, you will find the link to my fave lyrics from each his song.

Richard also has million fans whom I think the greatest fans in the world. I invite you to get to know them on my website.

Finally, just would like you to know that I'm proud of myself for being the most faithful fan of Richard Marx.

Richard Marx Forever!
Regina & Ryan
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I visited Richard Marx Website on September 17th, a day after his birthday. I was really surprised to see this!
Richard's Surprise 40th Birthday Bash!

Richard looks so gorgeous!
JC Chasez, my man from *Nsync also attended the party!
Regrets & Hopes

One of the things that I regret in my life is that I missed Richard Marx' two-night concert here in Jakarta, back in 1990 since I still lived in a town which is located thousands miles away from Jakarta.

But I never stop hoping that someday I will have a chance to see his concert, to meet him in person and to hug him. Would be awesome if I could perform with him!

Just wanted to show the world how much I love his music!
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