Hi and welcome to eJ2Dj. Are you a budding artist? Do you make your own tunes using the  eJay software?  Cool. It means that together we can produce some exciting full length dance mixes alongside other gr8 trax!

Here at EJ2DJ, I am creating and producing themed mixed DJ sets on CD using trax made by unsigned artists who produce their own music using a mixture of music creation software, real instruments and vocal talent from around the world.

Although this is a scaled down version of our flash site, you can still see our
MIX PROJECTS along with my own TECHNICAL VIEWPOINTS which shows how and why these sets were put together. There is our SHOP where you can download demos of our projects or buy some cool EJ2DJ merchandise including Caps, Record Bags, T-Shirts, Mugs and lost more. Why not enter our COMPETITION where you stand the chance to win ALL 4 SETS once completed!!!

There is also a
REVIEWS page  which cointains not only reviews from the eJay community's Joosman, DarkWolf and S'kiri, (not even a skull from S'kiri - they MUST be good!!), but also comments made by those that have heard and bought these cd's.

One of our aims is to highlight those of you that are bona-fide (real)
DJ's or ARTISTS, who regularly perform in front of a live audience, and so have set up some profiles of these individuals. Check out our MEMBERS DIRECTORY where you can not only see all our artists who have their work in one of our projects, and, if you are one of the contributing artists, you can check out how much you've earnt in royalites.

Got  any questions relating to copyright? Then why not have a look at our
COPYRIGHT INFO page which explains this complicated issue. Also you can find here our downloadable AGREEMENT FORM which we need from you before we can include your work in any of our projects.


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