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Eric's Vault of Comic Book Knowledge

So the
Spider-Man movie is setting box office records left and right.  Marvel Comics has suddenly had a nice run of successful comic-to-movie adaptations:  Blade, X-Men, now Spider-Man.  They’ve certainly come a long way since Howard The Duck!  An added bonus is that Spider-Man, the movie, remained extremely true to the characterizations and mood of the comics—unlike the Batman franchise.  But how accurately did the theatrical version of Spider-Man mimic actual events of comics?  Eric opens his mental encyclopedia of comic book knowledge to find out…

(Note:  As you take your wondrous journey through graphic literature, remember that "comic book time" does not equal real time—otherwise we’d have a 90 year-old Superman flying around.  So even though 15-year-old Peter Parker appeared in 1962, he’s still in his early thirties today.)

If you don’t want major plot points of
Spider-Man to be revealed, go away!
Spider-Man's Origin
The Green Goblin
Peter and Mary Jane
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