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    Are you Korean? Or do you have some interests in Korea and it's culture?

    Well... If you have a homepage/web site, why not share your web site with people of similar interests! Korea One Network came about to provide someplace for individuals, Koreans and others on the "Net" to congregate... The name Korea One was selected to symbolize Unity. Coming together amongst Koreans and friends.

    Korea is Han-Gook in Korean and it means nation of Han people (falsely stated as people of one nation before, thanks goes to Jenny Cho from Yale Law School for the correction!). Korea's national flag is shown below. Of course this flag is for South Korea (Republic of Korea) only.

    Want to learn more about Korea and it's culture? Try following the Korea One Ring around and you should at least get a flavor of Korea and it's culture. :)

    Another great resource for un-commercialized information about Korea is Korea Window Web Site and in particular, the "Korea Through Pictures" page.

    Enjoy and if you want to join the ring, complete the form below.

    Thanks for reading and Happy Netsurfin!!! :)

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