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GG Allin - vocals
Count Lyle - guitar
Gene Perfect - bass
Johnny Random (aka Dil Do) - drums

Boozing & Pranks: Live Dallas (self-released cassette)
Boozin & Pranks
Aloha From Dallas
Public Animal No. 1

The Oral History of GG Allin & The Texas Nazis

featuring Gene Perfect and Count Lyle

Hooking up with GG

Count Lyle: The way we hooked up with GG was that our bass player, Gene, had discovered him and started writing back and forth. Gene turned us on to GG and became pen pals with him.

Gene Perfect: In October or November 1983...I didn't even know who GG Allin was. I was publishing a fanzine called "Slamming Dandruff" at the time and was always looking for bands to interview. So I wrote to Blood see how I might get in touch with GG. A bit naive in retrospect because GG himself wrote back.

Setting up a tour

Gene Perfect: One day [GG] called and said that he'd be touring by himself and picking up different backing bands. He asked if I knew anyone who might be interested and so I said I could put something together for him myself. So Count Lyle and I started learning some Scumfucs tunes and talking to the people from the Twilight Room about a possible gig. This was the Summer of 1984, and Lyle and I were in a band called The Holy during that time.

Count Lyle: We had a band at the time called The Holy, so GG asked if we could possibly learn his songs so that he could come down to play Texas. He didn't have a band at the time that could travel, so this was his way around that.

Gene Perfect: GG, meanwhile, was still trying to get enough money saved to go on the road, so it wouldn't actually happen until the following summer [of 1985].

The Texas Nazis

Count Lyle: I'm not necessarily proud of the name Texas Nazis nowadays, but I remember that Gene picked it cuz it was really offensive. We weren't skin heads or racist at all, just trying to shock people in our own stupid ass way.

Gene Perfect: GG is telling me that him and Cheetah [Chrome] are gonna be touring together. The line-up was gonna be: GG, Cheetah on guitar, me on bass, and Lyle on drums. We even put out flyers all over town advertising this. But when I picked up GG from the bus stop, he explained that Cheetah couldn't make it. So we asked Johnny Random (soon to be re-christened Dil Do, courtesy of GG) to play drums and Lyle switched back to guitar.

Count Lyle: We got a drummer from another local band called The Vacant - whom GG dubbed Dil Do - and we worked up a set of GG songs.


Count Lyle: GG showed up about 3 days before the gig on a Greyhound Bus and met us over at Gene's mom's apartment. She was pretty cool and didn't mind GG hanging out. We rehearsed a few times over at Dil's and it went well.

Gene Perfect: We only rehearsed all the songs once before we recorded on a 4-track in Random's bedroom. When we recorded, we went through the set list twice: the first time, per GG's request, we recorded the instruments only without the vocals, so he could use the tape whenever he didn't have a backing band.

The Twilight Room Gig

Gene Perfect: At the Twilight Room in Dallas on August 17th, 1985, we were actually the opening act (chronologically speaking, anyway). GG was definitely the headlining act, but he wanted to go on first. The other two bands were G-Spot and Model 12. I think this was only the second time GG took a dump on stage, the first being in Peoria, Illinois just a few nights before...

Count Lyle: We did the Twilight Room in Dallas for about 50-60 people. The gig was a usual GG show with shit, blood and chaos. Everyone stood at he back of the hall except a few brave skaters and a weird chick in a white dress. Of course GG jumped on the chick and got her pretty angry. Not one person attempted to help her as he rubbed his ass on her and got the white dress all dirty. Supposedly, someone filmed the gig, but I have never personally seen the tape.

Gene Perfect: We opened with our start-and-stop version of "Hard Candy Cock". By the second or third song, GG had already ran out into the audience and jumped on some girl. Then, during "Eat My Diarrhea", he took a dump on stage and started rolling around in it.

Count Lyle: "Eat My Diahrrea" was something our bass player, Gene Perfect, wrote. I forgot we played that until now, but it was just something funny we had and GG told us to play it if we wanted.

Gene Perfect: A friend of mine came up to the stage and told me that the girl GG jumped on was gonna be waiting for him after the show with a knife. That's when I grabbed the microphone and yelled "I don't care if you got a fuckin' MACHINE GUN!"

At one point he offered the audience one helluva deal - a record for either a beer or a joint. Well, it didn't take long to get some takers. If you've ever heard "Boozin And Pranks" you can tell when this happens. And GG wasted no time in firing up the doob on stage!

Count Lyle: He told us to play the songs no matter what he did. Of course we said yes, but really didn't understand why he gave us that instruction until we started up. The place went into chaos and we would not have been sure what to do, except that he told us to just keep playing the songs as we learned 'em. So that's what we did.

After the show

Count Lyle: After the show, GG collected $100 from the club and insisted that we split it three ways between Gene, me and him even though we didn't want any of it. But he insisted and finally we took it reluctantly. After hanging out in the parking lot for awhile, later that night he got back on the bus and rode back to New Hampshire reeking like hell I'm sure.

Gene Perfect: After the show, he drank a lot, got into a little more mischief pursuing uninterested women, and stunk really bad from the shit he'd been rolling around in. Still, I took him to the bus station in my car after offering to let him stay another night at our apt. It was a rock'n'roll experience I'll never forget! And I'm sure it was also very memorable for whoever wound up sitting next to him on the bus!

Dispelling some myths

Count Lyle: We saw an article in Spin magazine that said GG got stabbed that night in Dallas, but that was total bullshit. Some skinhead was threatening to fuck with GG in the parking lot, but never did anything. Most people were scared to approach him.

As far as the sticker on the front [of the Boozin And Pranks LP], I remeber now that GG did have to go to the hospital after he got home for blood poisoning, but it was from his own self inflicted cuts with a bottle and not from a stab wound. He wasn't stabbed at the show. The female bystander that is mentioned is the girl in the white dress that he was fucking with during the performance.

Edited by EK

[The quotes were taken from email correspondence from Count Lyle (July 2004) and Gene Perfect (October 2005). All correspondence was unsolicited and independently sent.]

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