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Barb's GG Allin Link Page
Collection of links to GG Allin pages; Last update ?

Facesitter Assoluta
This site has been around for a while - somewhat difficult to navigate and it has not been updated in a long time.

GG Allin
Site created by Dirk Rogers. Content is taken from the War In My Head liner notes.

The GG Allin Archive
A new address for the original links archive - created by M. Adams; Last update - 11-SEP-2004

GG Allin Online
Merle Allin's catalog plus news and upcoming events

GG Allin - Outlaw Scumfuc
Russian site

GG Allin/Vomitose Homepage
Skeeter Rider's online GG Allin catalog

GG's Underworld
This site consists of one photo of GG Allin on the homepage. Nothing else. At least it's back...kinda...

Good Ole' GG Allin!
Personal recollection of GG written by Jason Head

HWEB - GG Allin Discography
Discography written by Michael Dericks; hosted by Hypertonia World Enterprises/JR Bruun

MGT's GG Allin Tabs Page
Collection of tablature and lyrics; Last update 27-FEB-2004

Monkey Boy's Motherfuckin GG Allin Lyrics Archive
The most complete collection of GG Allin lyrics online

Punk Rockin' All Over The WWWeb - Allin, GG
Another GG Allin bio page by Tony Slug

Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist
GG site from the late 90's in Japanese or English

RockStar R.I.P.
A brief bio of GG - basically the same as all the other GG bios.

German punk rock site with GG Allin section

Swedish Scum's GG Allin Nation
GG Allin interviews, discography, news, reviews, comments and so on.

Related Bands, Artists & Associates



This is the Official ANTiSEEN website.
ANTiSEEN Interview
Originally appeared in Rational Inquirer #5, this interview with Jeff Clayton was conducted in 1995.
The Jeff Clayton Interview
Jeff Clayton, the lead singer for ANTiSEEN, was interviewed by Jack Ketch in 1995.
ANTiSEEN interview
Links to the Garbage Dump webzine. This was orginially presented in print version of Garbage Dump #1.

Bloody F. Mess & The Skabs

Bloody F. Mess
Bloody's official (I think) website.
The Bloody Mess Interview
This interview was conducted by Jack Ketch in 1995.
Bloody Mess Interview
Bloody Mess Lyrics (interview part 2)
The Bloody Mess Interviews were conducted by Swedish Scum - this links to The GG Allin Nation.
Bloody Mess Inteview
Links to the Garbage Dump webzine. Interview conducted/posted May 2004.

The City Thrills

City Thrills
This is a brief biography of the band from Dirty Water - The Boston Rock & Roll Museum.

The Cedar Street Sluts

The Lena Luna Interview
This interview was conducted by Jack Ketch in 1995.

The Flying Sixty-Nine

The Flying Sixty-Nine
The biography of the obscure Manchester, NH band that backed GG Allin on the release Live Fast, Die Fast.

The Fuckin Shit Biscuits

Mi-Recordz - Press Release
From the now defunct Mi-Recordz website, this press release mentions GG and FSB's one time merger in 1987. Written by Amy Weber.
Indie Disco - Interview with Steve Herrig
Stever Herrig, the videographer of the GG Allin & The Fuckin Shit Biscuits gig, recounts this experience.

The Jabbers

The Jabbers
This is the Official Jabbers website.
The Jabbers Interview Part 1
This interview was conducted by Swedish Scum during the months of May and July 2000. Most of the fellows were interviewed via mail, Al Chapple was interviewed over the phone. Part 2 of this interview has not been released.
The Jabbers Inteview
Links to the Garbage Dump webzine. Interview conducted/posted February 2004.

And His Illegitimate Children

GG Allin & His Illegitimate Kids - The GG Allin SuperSite Biography
A brief biography of the Illegitimate Children written by EK.

The Murder Junkies

The Murder Junkies
Single page with band photo and 2004 tour dates.
The Murder Junkies Interview - Video
This links to the Rockin' Bones site. Merle Allin and Dino Saches are interviewed by - - 2004. Video download available in Real Media format.
The Merle Allin Interview
An Interview with Merle Allin conducted by Jack Ketch - 1995
An Interview With...Merle Allin Of The Murder Junkies
Conducted by Chloe Matheou in 1999, the original site that hosted this interview is now gone. I have transcribed the interview without the photos that appeared on the original page.
Merle Allin
This links to The Suicide Girls website and contains an interview with Merle Allin conducted by Daniel Robert Epstein sometime in 2003.
Merle Allin
From Skinnie Magazine, Melissa Moran interviews Merle Allin.
Chicken John
Chicken John played guitar for The Murder Junkies in 1991. The above links to an interview titled Chicken Nuggets by Aphid Peewit.
William G. Weber III
William Weber's official site. Mr. Weber played guitar for The Murder Junkies from late 1991 to GG's death in 1993.
William Weber Interview
This interview was conducted by Rect-Al in 2002.

The Scumfucs

G.G. Allin & The Scumfucks
Former Scumfucs bassist, Al Lee Slime's website, complete with music downloads. You need to check him out in the "Scumfuc Alley Trash" video.

The Texas Nazis

Ghoultown Interview
This is an interview with Count Lyle, one time member of The Texas Nazis, interview. I'm guessing Ghoultown is his current band. Regardless, there is an interesting section on his past exploits with GG and the Nazis. Conducted in May 2002 and reprinted from the publication Rocka Rolla.

GG Allin & The Texas Nazis - The GG Allin SuperSite Biography
The oral history of The Texas Nazis as recalled by Gene Perfect and Count Lyle. Edited by EK.

Artists GG Covered

Bad Tuna Experience
GG Allin and The Holymen covered the song "Beer Picnic" by the Bad Tuna Experience on their 1987 album You Give Love A Bad Name. A number of live versions of this song appear on various releases.
A brief bio of Carolyn, a member of the Bad Tune Experience. Listen to the original version of "Beer Picnic" here.

Johnny Cash
GG performed Mr. Cash's song "I Still Miss Someone." Please see The GG Allin SuperSite Song X-Reference for details.

The Ohio Express
GG Allin and The Jabbers covered The Ohio Express' song "Up Against The Wall." The album, Mercy, has yet to be released on compact disc.
This links to The Classic Bubblegum Music site - The Ohio Express section.

Patsy Cline
GG performed Ms. Cline's song "Pick Me Up (On Your Way Down)." Please see The GG Allin SuperSite Song X-Reference for details.

David Allen Coe
GG reworked a number of Mr. Coe's songs including "Longhaired Redneck."

Charles Manson
GG Allin and The Holy men coverd Mr. Manson's song "Garbage Dump" on their 1987 Homestead release.

The Rolling Stones
Throughout the 1989 tour with The Disappointments, GG and the band performed the song "Dead Flowers," live.

Nancy Sinatra
GG & The Cedar Street Sluts (and later with The Holy Men) reworked Ms. Sinatra's song "Sorry 'bout That" into "Tough Fucking Shit."

In 1984, GG Allin and the band often creditied as The Flying 69 covered the Steppenwolf song "Earschplittenloudneboomer."

Warren Zevon
GG performed Mr. Zevon's song "Carmelita" on a number of releases from 1991 throughout his death in 1993

GG Allin's Associates

Mykel Board

Mr. Board produced a number of GG Allin releases, the most notorious being 1987's Hated In The Nation. In addition to producer, Mr. Board also promoted GG Allin shows (see the Cat Club gig), was instrumental in forming the New York Superscum, and wrote a number of articles about GG Allin.

Swedish Scum's Interview with Mykel Board
This interview was conducted by Swedish Scum in October 2000.

Evan Cohen

Mr. Cohen was the roadie/videographer for GG Allin & The Murder Junkies - Terror In America tour (1993). Mr. Cohen is the author ot the book I Was A Murder Junkie: The Last Days Of GG Allin.

untitled by Tito Rabbit
This interview orginially appeared in an unknown issue of MaximumRockNRoll.

Joe Coughlin

Joe Couglin was/is GG Allin's official biographer. It seems unlikely that the book he and GG were working on will ever see the light of day.

Joe Coughlin's House-A Fuckin' Pancakes
Mr. Coughlin's home page?

Jeff Gaither

Mr. Gaither created the cover art for the album Legalize Murder, along with the Murder Junkies logo and various other pieces.

Jeff Gaither - Art For The Criminally Insane
This is Jeff Gaither's official website.

Mark Hejnar

Mr. Hejnar toured with The Murder Junkies throughout the 90's as the band's videographer. Reportedly, Mr. Hejnar is to release the ultimate GG Allin documentary.

The Mark Hejnar Interview
This interview was conducted by Swedish Scum in 2000.


The only thing I know about "Joey" is he produced the SCUM FUC'D compilation cassettes.

The Joey Interview
This interview was conducted by Jack Ketch in 1995.

David Peel

GG Allin & The Jabbers recorded and performed with Mr. Peel on a number of occasions. GG covered the song "I Like Marijuana" and he and Alan Chapple produced Mr. Peel's album 1984.

David Peel Homepage
The David Peel Homepage.
David Peel, Rock And Roll Outlaw
Biography written by - -

M. Physema

M. Physema (Shrinkwrap) appeared on a number of GG Allin releases. I believe he recorded some spoken word material over the phone while GG was incarcerated, late 1990. It has been reported that M. Physema and Shrinkwrap Productions released a number of zines about the late GG Allin - although I have yet to come across any of these publications.

The M. Physema Interview
This interview was conducted by Jack Ketch in 1995.

Mark Robinson

Mr. Robinson produced the albums Bleedin Stinkin & Drinkin, Son Of Evil, and Carnival Of Excess. He also has released a number of videos featuring GG Allin.

The Mark Robinson Interview
This interview was conducted by Jack Ketch in 1995.
The Mark Robinson Interview
This interview was conducted by Swedish Scum in 2000.

Peter Yarmouth

A long time associate of GG Allin, Mr. Yarmouth founded the Black & Blue Record label. Black & Blue produced some of the classic GG Allin albums.

Interview with Peter Yarmouth - 2004
This interview was conducted by Swedish Scum in 2004.

Nick Zedd

I'm hesitant to add Mr. Zedd to the GG Allin's Associates list. The only known meeting of these two occur in a video of Merle Allin's after-wedding party. Regardless, Mr. Zedd mentions GG in his book Totem Of The Depraved.

Totem Of The Depraved
Links to the online version of Lollipop Magazine. This review, written by William Ham, originally appeared in issue #38, September 1997. As with the above link, Mr. Zedd briefly mentions GG Allin in a less than favorable manor.

Record & Video Labels

ACME Records

Alive Records

Black & Blue Records

Last Call Records

Mountain Records

Munster Records

Music Video Distributors

New Rose/Fan Club Records

Recess Records


Steel Cage Records

Sympathy For The Record Industry

TKO Records


Miscellaneous Scum

Boston Groupie News - GG Allin 10 Year Memorial 6/29/03 At The Middle East
A review of The Murder Junkies and The Jabbers show by Miss Lyn

Consumption Junction
Photo of a fan tribute at GG Allin's grave in 2001.

Cult Music - GG Allin
A brief biography of GG Allin from

Everything2 - G.G. Allin
A number of articles about GG Allin submitted by the site's readers.

Fight The Good Fight Ministires - G.G. Allin
Non-profit Christian organization that has a problem with GG Allin.

Fuck Authority
GG Allin tribute album

GG Allin Guide, Meaning, Facts, Information and Description
GG Allin biography from, hosted on

GG Allin Video List
This is a great resource for nearly all videos GG. I'm not quite sure what the deal is, if they sell the stuff, trade, or what. The site is indespensable if you aren't sure if a gig was recorded or what may be on it. And there is some interesting photos, too.

GG Allin - Your Art History Reference Guide
GG Allin biography from, hosted on

Headlines, Footnotes And Handouts
A recap of a tattoo convention - Merle Allin is briefly mentioned and appears in a photo with Spider Webb.

Jah Sonic, Sharing Tastes - Censorship
A well researched article with an extremely brief mention of GG.

Mark's Record Reviews
Mark Prindle's reviews of 11 GG Allin albums + "Add Your Thoughts?" feature

Matula Magazine - Live Fast, Die Fast
Article by Johnny Personality featured on a Hungarian webzine.

Rotten.Com - An Archive Of Disturbing Illustration
A brief biography of GG Allin

Satan Stole My Teddy Bear
A discography and two interesting GG Allin reviews by Mike Rutherford.

Scumfuc's Tradition
GG Allin tribute album

The Second Best Page In The Universe - Who Is More Rebellious, Good Charlotte or GG Allin?
Seems fairly self-explanitory, don't it?

Stab You In The Eye...Motherfucker! J.Cruelty VS. G.G. Allin Via Telephone
This interview is bullshit, fake, made-up...why have I included it?

Ultimate Weapon Of Revenge
GG Allin tribute album

Photo gallery of GG Allin and The Murder Junkies in New Orleans, 1993 by Gary LoVerde.

Personal account of a 2001 visit to GG's grave with photos. See the Consumption Junction link for additional photos from this visit.

Welcome To Allintown...
Mainly about The Murder Junkies after GG's death by Peter Gilstrap. Hosted on the New Times website.

Dead Site Archive

This is a list of sites that have been closed, censored or someone just said fuck this shit and let it go...

19/08/56 GG Allin 26/06/93 --
A foreign GG Allin page. Fairly complete but somewhat difficult to understand if you can't read the Dutch language.

A True Sicko --
This contained review of the Cat Club gig by Nick Yak. I will repost a link for this essay (without photo) soon - follow from the Timeline.

Behind The Scenes - Introducing: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies --
This contained a short bio of the band (and Unk) - most information is from the film Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies.

Evan Cohen interview by Johnny Turd 07-JAN-2002 --
Mr. Cohen, author of I Was A Murder Junkie, briefly relfects on the 1993 tour.

Elfsten's GG Allin Lyrics Archive --

eenodol - Pop Culture Poison --
Another GG Allin bio (by Z.G. Simons) from another web zine...almost always the same information presented

Essas Pessoas Bizarras... --
Spanish (?) page with a page of "bizarre" personalities - including Andy Kaufman, Soupy Sales and Idi Amin, along with GG...

Excerpts from TOTEM OF THE DEPRAVED --
Links to the Pug Zine website. Appeared in issue 3, this had a brief, unflattering mention of GG Allin

Doil's Websites:
GG Allin Page -
Jabbers Page -
Murder Junkies Page -
According to the error messages I've received while attempting to view Doil's pages, his account has been suspended - and his email isn't working either.

GG Allin --
A German site with an incomplete discography, psychological report, photos and an article.

G.G. Allin --
A strange, one page GG site. In Spanish (?) and no links active...And now, it no longer is posted. You didn't miss much

The GG Allin Archive --
The old location of the archive - this location has been abandoned

GG Allin Interview --
This contained a GG Allin interview via mail. I've reposted the interview without the photos contained on the original page -- please see the Media Guide.

GG Allin - Long Live The King Of Scum --

The GG Allin Mission --
A long running site, this contained text of The GG Allin Mission and discography by Andrew Williams

GG Allin The Most Dangerous Man In Rock 'N' Roll --

GG Allin Outlaw Scumfuc --
--NEW PAGE COMING SOON-- (I guess not...)

GG Allin: Portrait Of A Serial Singer --
This was the original location of Douglas Levy's article. I've reposted the interview without the photos contained on Mr. Levy's original page - please see The Media Guide.

GG Allin: The Trash That Got Away --
I've recently discovered this article hosted at another site. Please see the Media Guide to view.

GG Allin - Violent Beatings Review --
This review by Holly Day originally appeared on the PreAmp website. It seems the site is undergoing a redesign. This review can still be found on at least two known sites.

The Highest Power: The GG Allin Fanlisting --
The old site is gone and I have no idea what kind of bullshit is now posted at this address.

Hot Bakery Items - issue #3 -
This article - "GG Allin - He Is A Legend!" - is reposted on a Russian GG Allin site -- please see the Media Guide.

International Hard Core Records Bible Discography --
Featured mostly New York bands, this was a difficult to read discography that had a GG Allin section. One of the earliest sites I'd found that mentioned GG.

Jeff Knows All - G.G. Allin Shrine --
I guess Jeff really liked GG. No more shrine...

Last In Line For The Gangbang: The GG Allin Story --
Biography of GG Allin by Justin Melkman -- censored by Merle Allin?

Mi-Recordz - Fuckin Shit Biscuits press release --
Interview with members of the Fuckin Shit Biscuits. I've reposted the interview - please see the Links Page, Related Bands section.

The Official GG Allin Homepage --
One of the first GG Allin sites - now it is gone.

Overground Records --

Peep Show - Video Vault: A Guide To Odd Cinema --
Review of the film Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

Public Animal #1 --

Rockside Media LLC. --
Mark Robinson's label - the last posting was the trailer for the upcoming Carnival Of Excess DVD. The status of this project is unknown.

Satan Stole My Teddybear --
This is page is now accessable through a different link. See the above listing.

Scuz's GG Allin Page - The True Messiah! --

State Of Michigan - Sentencing Report -
This page along with the Cat Club review by Nick Yak have been removed from this address. Please is the Media Guide for my transcribed version of the sentencing report.

Swedish Scum's GG Allin Nation --
Swedish Scum's old site.

Temperance Records --

Unheard Music --
GG as a spokesperson for the United Way? Hmmm...

untitled - The Date 24-MAY-1993 --
This is a personal recollection of the 650 Howard Show. I've reposted the article - please see the Media Guide.

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