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The Jeff Clayton Interview

Jack Ketch: What's the story behind ANTiSEEN?

Jeff Clayton: Well we are now the twelve year undefeated heavy weight champions...the Grand Dragons of Rock 'N' Roll. Anyone wants to challenge that can take a number and wait in line. Ladies first of course.

JK: So how did you hook up with GG?

JC: We (Joe Young - guitar, and I) read the interview with GG in MaximumRockNRoll back in 1986 and 1987 [and] we thought this guy is on a similar mind set that we are, so we called him and dared him to come play Charlotte, NC. In June of 1987 the show was set up, he came down, we all had a blast (the audience didn't though) and stayed in touch all the way up until the end.

JK: What all did you put out with him?

JC: We put out the Murder Junkies LP on New Rose, a single of Violence Now b/w Cock On The Loose on Jettison Records and the New Rose LP was later re-released on CD without the spoken word and was re-mixed on Baloney Shrapnel Records out of Phoenix, AZ. We also did the Carolina Shitkickers 7".

JK: How does it feel having recorded his last 7" with him?

JC: Well at the time, we had no idea it was gonna be his last, it was recorded the Thursday two weeks before he died. We (GG and I) laughed about the whole thing - we planned it on Wednesday, recorded and mixed it on Thursday, and Friday had a label (TPOS) that wanted to put it out! We all had a real good time recording that one.

JK: Can you recall the last time you saw/spoke to him?

JC: I spoke with him Monday before he left to do the Jane Whitney show. We had a bit of a falling out, he was gonna come on stage with us unannounced when we played the Milestone here in Charlotte. He was under the impression that this was the club that cancelled his show a few months earlier (which actually was Heretics) and left without any explanation, so I said "Fuck him." Early on Monday he called me and apologized for standing us up and to make sure there was no hard feelings, so we got everything squared away and that was the last time.

JK:Are you in any other bands besides the Carolina Shitkickers and the Slimegoats?

JC: The Shitkickers and Slimegoats were just some one off side projects. I've also done one tour as singer for the Murder Junkies. ANTiSEEN is my main priority band wise.

JK: In all, how many releases do you have so far?

JC: ANTiSEEN has forty-something releases. If you count side project stuff it'll be up around fifty-sixty releases!

JK: Do you have any new shit on the way?

JC: We are releasing our cover LP called Hell on CD on Baloney Shrapnel Records out of Phoenix, AZ and [a] split 7" with a band called Seducer on Waggeltone Records out of North Carolina.

JK: Tell me about your Destructo video!

JC: The first thirty minutes of the video is a documentary/film project by a student named Mike Harper and the last half is our now infamous "Exploding, Electric Barbed Wire Show" - it's a must see!

JK: What kind of crazy shit do you do live?

JC: Damn, I've been wrapped in barbed wire, bloodied from head to toe, burned and blown up washboards, wearing a crown of thorns and carrying a cross and so many other things I've already forgotten about!

JK: I know you're touring all of April, who are you touring with?

JC: Just us.

JK: Where are you booked?

JC: In Germany, Belgium and Austria.

JK: What do you want to say to Chicken John (that pussy from the Hated film)?

JC: How does it feel to be a half-breed faggot "Chicken" John?

I personally think the Murder Junkies on:

Baloney Shrapnel Records
PO Box 6504
Phoenix, AZ 85005

is better than the New Rose version (it's a cleaner mix and includes the Rough, Raw, & Live recording)

Jack Ketch

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