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unknown source - 1995

The Lena Luna Interview

Jack Ketch: What's going on?

Lena Luna: I'm here with Peter remixing "OJ Simpson" for Bloody Mess and his new 7" Dog Biscuits For Sick Puppies. I'm gonna be listening to it all night so I said let's do the interview.

JK: How long were the Cedar Street Sluts around before GG came into the picture?

LL: He was the founder of the band! It was originally his band on a cassette that got around Boston. The girls were Connie Clit, Poline Pussy and Tammy Tits and who knows? It started and ended in a couple months. GG and Peter decided to revive the band to do GG tribute shows while he was incarcerated. Then in 1989 we began to record our album. It was me, Holly Would and Ginger Lee as this band's originals. GG wrote some songs for us and we finished Songs By Working Girls. After about a year Ginger left and was replaced by Allie Trash. Allie was the opposite of Ginger and we really played and toured the North Eastern states. When we went to make the videos from the album, Holly and Allie quit and Ginger and Rita Rude did the videos and became the new band. Ginger alternates with Raven Daruin. Boorish Boot's Lyndon Cox and the 2 Johns on guitar and drums have been playing since.

JK: What was it like recording with him? Did you do any shows together?

LL: I never recorded with him but he pissed on the mail he would send us. All the shows were cancelled when he was busted.

JK: How was he in bed?! Or on the floor, in the shower, in the back of the vehicle, outside, etc.?

LL: Dirty and smelly in a real macho way and lots of bad filthy fun.

JK: So what are you gals up to now?

LL: We just did two cuts on the new Black & Blue compilation. Or did you mean what are we girls doing? Holly is a secretary, Rita is giving massages, Raven is doing karaoke, Allie is dancing, Ginger is pregnant, I'm just keeping this whole thing together and hope to have an EP out before the end of 1995.

JK: Are any of you in other bands?

LL: Sometimes we use guys from other bands to fill in and vice versa for our guys.

JK: You're also a producer, what all have you produced?

LL: Our stuff, a couple of Bloody Mess remixes, and I've got a few surprises coming up. I'm not real comfortable with the label producer. I do understand what is expected and hopefully as I do more projects I'll feel more deserving of the title.

JK: What are your favorites groups (besides GG)?

LL: KMFDM, Spahn Ranch, Quicksand, 10-96 and Digital Poodle.

JK: Are you actually hookers? Or formerly?

LL: Isn't everybody?

JK: How do you like to fuck?!

LL: When the customer cums first! Seriously, it depends more on the partner than the style. How you get aroused is half the battle.

JK: Are you going to keep the Cedar Street Sluts going 'til you die?

LL: Yes. Who is gonna stop us?

JK: Where the fuck is Cedar Street anyway?!

LL: There is one in every town and it's funny how many people think we are from their Cedar Street. So we are from every one of them. The name came from a street in Boston.

Label contact:
Black & Blue Records
Suite 152
400 D. Putnam Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917

Jack Ketch

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