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The Merle Allin Interview

Jack Ketch: So how are things going with you, man? What have you been up to?

Merle Allin: Well, let's see. I've been jerking off a lot! Um, got too many girlfriends so I said fuck it; no, actually what's going on with us is we finally after, you know, a long period of time found a singer that we really like. And we have been starting to do some shows in the city and around the area and we just finished recording eight new songs and by summertime we're going to have probably a four song 10" out and probably a couple of singles.

JK: Cool! So what's the line up for the Murder Junkies?

MA: It's the same Murder Junkies: Bill on guitar, Dino on drums, myself and a guy named Mike from the Denied. But we call him Mike Denied. He used to be in a hardcore band called the Denied.

JK: So what are some, are you gonna give me a peek at some titles? Or...

MA: Yeah, let's see, we got one called "Feed My Sleaze," another one called "Stiff Cold Fuck," another one called "Pool Of Piss" - you know, the same type of songs. And the reason that we took/picked this singer, you know, is not because, you know, we wanted somebody to be like GG because, I mean, he's not like GG, you know? He's just not going to be the same, you know [the] show that GG put on. But we still wanted somebody that had the same, you know, ideas and had the same type of lyrics, you know? And he was, he had always been a fan and so, you know, he just wrote that type of music. His type of lyrics, you know, know we didn't choose him because, and say to him, I mean it wasn't something we had to say, "Well, we want you to write this type of music and that type of lyric" you know? So that's why he's working out really well 'cause he's got his own, you know, thing going. It's, you know, it's along the same lines, so...

JK: I look forward to hearing that, man. It sounds pretty cool.

MA: Yeah, it''s a little bit faster. It's basically the same type of, you know, as the Brutality record, just a little bit faster, you know?

JK: What about Malpractice? Um, do you still have any singles left?

MA: Ha ha! Yeah, I have a few left, yeah.

JK: So what's the current bid?

MA: $50.00 and, you know, if people want to, you know, buy it for more that's cool too! Ha ha! So basically, people - I mean I've had people pay, you know, anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars for it, you know?

JK: Oh Hell yeah, get as much money as you can!

MA: It's pretty funny 'cause it's, you know, it's like the very first record we ever played on, you know, and...

JK: Oh, you played on it too?

MA: Yeah, yeah and it's got, it's got two photos. It's got like a front and back photo of, of the band so you get to see GG before he was GG, you know?

JK: So GG played drums and you were bass right?

MA: Yeah.

JK: Cool. I got a recording of it on the Rapin' The Vault tape.

MA: It sucks, doesn't it?

JK: Uh...

MA: Ha ha!

JK: Ha ha! It's not like his other shit...

MA: Don't lie to me, it sucks, I know. But, you know, what the Hell can you do? We were young and foolish.

JK: How about the John Wayne Gacy paintings you have for sale? Are they, um, what are they and how much for them?

MA: Well I have one of the clown - Pogo the Clown - I have two portraits that he did of GG.

JK: Cool. Is one of those like the one for the Hated movie soundtrack?

MA: No, I don't have that one. Todd has that one. I have one that was done from a photo from the Covered Wagon show from '88 that GG played. And then I have another one of GG in his casket.

JK: Cool.

MA: Yeah, they're pretty cool.

JK: And Gacy painted more than one picture of him, huh?

MA: Yeah he...I think he did about four or five of GG...

JK: Damn!

MA: different people, yeah. There aren't that many, though.

JK: Are you still selling framed prints of GG's original drawings?

MA: Yup.

JK: Cool. Are they copies or are they the real thing or...

MA: Well they're not the...the original print. I mean, I have the original...the original print is what they're printed/copied from but they're done on laser copies, you know?

JK: Cool. So what drawings do you have?

MA: I don't know, all sorts of fucked up, you of...of Hitler. There's one of a guy chopping a girl's head off in a graveyard, you know? One of a mother and child with a mother giving the child a hand job while he's sitting on her lap, you know? Shit like that, you know?

JK: Cool.

MA: Yup, pretty twisted.

JK: Yeah. Out of all the bands that worked with GG, who all showed up at his funeral?

MA: Um, let's see. There were people from, well, it was one of those things where, you know, GG had a lot of bands around the country, you know, and, you know, dying so quickly and having everything happen so fast, the only people that really came from his bands was, well of course us (the Murder Junkies). There were people from the Jabbers there and there was Mark Sheehan who did The Suicide Sessions stuff with him. He was there, and, you know, there was Joe Coughlin, you know, the guy that's writing the book, and, you know, people like that, but as far as bands go, I mean there weren't that many bands that could make it, you know? Probably a lot of them didn't even find out 'til after he was buried, you know?

JK: Where is he buried at? Is he buried like...

MA: He's buried in Littleton, New Hampshire. That's Mount Saint Mary's Cemetery.

JK: Yeah. I read something about you working on a headstone. Is that already finished or...

MA: It's finished, yeah.

JK: Is it like, what's it of? Is it like...

MA: It's got a picture of him, you know, plaque, in the stone and it says "GG Allin." It says (underneath the picture), it says "Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist" and it says "GG ALLIN" in big letters and then it says a quote from one of his things, one of his poems. It says "For my mission ends in termination, Vicinity of death," and then underneath that it says "Live Fast Die."

JK: Cool. You're selling posters of it, right?

MA: Yup.

JK: Okay, cool, got to check that out. Is it true GG used to be drug free? Or is that like a lie or...

MA: Well, when he was young.

JK: I heard that somewhere.

MA: Well probably in the Hated film.

JK: Yeah.

MA: Yeah, I mean, when he was a teenager he didn't really do that many drugs, you know?

JK: Yeah, 'til you slipped a hit of acid into his donut or something?

MA: Yeah, actually. Goddamn, you already know that?! There you go. I slipped a hit of acid in his French Fry at McDonalds!

JK: Ha ha!

MA: That was the beginning.

JK: What all did he do? Did he just like...

MA: Well, you know, he freaked out a little bit but then he started, you know, he didn't get into drugs until later on, you know, and, I mean, he did more, you know, drinking than drugs, you know?

JK: Cool. So what drugs do you do?

MA: Man, I've done 'em all. I try to avoid them as much as I can these days.

JK: Fucking if you come up here and do a show you'll at least smoke a bowl with me, won't you?!

MA: Fuck yeah man! No problem.

JK: Fuck yeah! Let me backstage, man!

MA: That's cool.

JK: Fuck yeah man! Okay, what would you like to say to everyone that badmouths GG and talks shit and, you know, this and that?

MA: What would I like to say to them?

JK: Yeah, directly to them.

MA: I wouldn't say anything. I'd just fucking kill them!

JK: Hell yeah!

MA: Fuck words man.

JK: Action speaks louder than words.

MA: That's right, man. Oh people don't understand, man. Fucking, you know, they're fucking sheltered in their fucking, you know, fucking perfect lives, you know? They don't want someone like GG around, a menace to society.

JK: What would you like to say to everyone that worships him?

MA: What would I like to say to them, huh?

JK: Order all your tapes!

MA: Well, I don't...I don't know, I mean, you know, just keep...keep, you know, fucking the memory of GG going 'cause there ain't ever going to be anyone like him again, you know? You know, that's for sure.

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Jack Ketch

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