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The M. Physema Interview

Jack Ketch: How did Shrinkwrap form and who's the current line up?

M. Physema: Shrinkwrap was formed in 1988 due to the sad state of affairs within the underground scene. We were formed through a common bond to make music dangerous again.

M. Physema - vocals, tapes, noise
Placebo Domingo - lead guitar
Cassandra - guitar, noise
Floyd - bass
Amy L. Nitrate - keyboards, vocals
Anna Rexia - drums, percussion, flesh

JK: When did you hook up with GG Allin? What did you release with him?

MP: GG and I hooked up when he was arrested by the Secret Service back in 1989. Over the years we became friends and collaborated on some material...

JK: What's the rest of the Shrinkwrap discography? Are all these available through you?

MP: Most of Shrinkwrap releases are out of print but a few are still available if you can find them

Smear - Audio-Sadism, 1989 [cassette LP] - out of print

I've Fallen... - Audio-Sadism, 1989 [limited edition cassette EP] - out of print

Paste - Audio-Sadism, 1990 [cassette LP] - out of print

Hung Out To Dry - Audio-Sadism, 1990 [cassette LP] - out of print

Live Revenge - Audio-Sadism, 1990 [cassette LP] - out of print

Fear, Loathing, & Admiration - Shrinkwrap Productions, 1991 [compilation - format not given] - out of print

Shrinkwrap/TCF - GB/Shrinkwrap Productions, 1991 [split cassette LP] - out of print

A Test In Patience - Shrinkwrap Productions, 1992 [cassette LP] - out of print

GG Allin I Am The Highest Power - Beast 666, 1992 [cassette LP; Japanese release - four of seven songs]

GG Allin & Shrinkwrap War In My Head - I'm Your Enemy - Performance Records, 1993 [CD]

Zatsuon No Higan - Beast 666, 1994 [compilation cassette; Japanese release]

GG Allin & Shrinkwrap The Partridge Family - Slap-A-Ham Records, (out soon) [compilation LP, cassette, CD]

Pachinko Hitler - Beast 666, (out soon) [compilation cassette; Japanese release]

JK: Tell us about the Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist video you've released. Is it better than Todd Phillips' Hated?

MP: The Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist video is a compilation of GG's last tour. As for being better than Hated you'll just have to judge for yourself.

JK: Are you about to release anything else?

MP: Currently at the moment we're producing a record with Amy's side project, Lesbianage.

JK: Did you fuck GG? If so - how?

MP: Don't waste my time with stupid questions.

JK: Are there any other artists you'd like to work with?

MP: Ginger Lynn Allen and Jan-Michael Vincent.

JK: Do you have a response to the liner notes of the Layin' Up With Linda 7"?

MP: The liner notes to that 7" were the best piece of science fiction I've read in a long time...considering GG wrote all the liner notes to the War In My Head - I'm Your Enemy CD including the back cover.

JK: What's your favorite position?!?!

MP: Cassandra and I both agree that it's sixty-nine.

JK: Is GG God?

MP: GG said it best, "I'm God, Jesus Christ and Satan all rolled into one. There is no higher power than GG Allin. Rock 'N' Roll lives in me, and I'm the only savior for it."

Shrinkwrap Productions
PO Box 11831
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

I personally dont endorse the cover artwork to War In My Head - I'm Your Enemy - just as I don't believe GG is God/Jesus Christ and I don't agree with the lyrics to "I Am The Highest Power" - the record is just one long song (41 minutes 44 seconds), but if you're into bad trips you'll like it! It's a bunch of samples taken from GG's other records thrown together (with some additions).

Jack Ketch

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