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Fuckin Shit Biscuits

Among those able to circumscribe all poles of the musical concept, there are the Fuckin Shit Biscuits. The message is at once, do it yourself, we'll help you do it, or don't do it at all. But if you do - have some fuckin fun. It is this mentality that emits from Mirror Image Productions (studios), or Mi-Recordz, based out of centrally-located South Minneapolis home. Mi-Recordz is the brain child of Dana Bailey, Bill Bailey and Ron Parker - it is propelled by a large number of talented musicians that regularly come to the house to create, play and record

Why Mi-Recordz, now? "We're pissed off," says Parker. And why shouldn't he be? Parker saw his partner, Dana Bailey, skyrocket into commercial success with a dance hit in France made by Bailey, Rosey Gaines and her husband Francis, only to see the income generated be embezzled by management. "The numbers are staggering...they lost an insane amount of money," Parker says. "And this is typical of what happens to musical artists in the industry, and this has been happening since Elvis."

That's where Mi-Recordz comes in, explains Parker, who says that any artist who wants to come forth will get the goods for next to nothing. They're not in it to financially exploit musicians, "Even if it hurts us for the first 10 years, who cares...we're pissed."

This isn't to say that FSB is all fury - a truth exemplified in the nature of the Fuckin Shit Biscuits, who's numbers have reached up to 13 people on stage at once. FSB is not new to the Minneapolis music scene. In fact, they are just now resurfacing after climbing to the height of local rock stardom in the early-to-late 80s, playing First Avenue's Club Degenerate and getting airplay on Radio K 770. According to Parker, it was the Fuckin Shit Biscuits that had a "Fishing" theme show, bringing in a tent and trees, performing in rubber waders while it virtually rained beer. And it was FSB that brought G.G. Allin to town after answering a small classified ad Allin placed stating he'd play anywhere in the country with anyone who'd pay expenses. "I would say that it was the most violent rock show that's ever been to Minneapolis," says Parker. "Bar none." There it is, the fun and the fury.

"But," says Parker now, "The Biscuits aren't G.G. Allin, and we don't want to be...we're not violent." Parker, lead singer, still has people approach him to say that the most fun they ever had was at a Fuckin Shit Biscuits show.

For their upcoming Entry show, FSB will be joined by allies Tail and Esoteric Eric. Tail, who've been together for about three-and-a-half years, is a self-described dark, sinewy tribal-rock band with Katy Thomasberg on vocals, Johnathan Townsend on drums, Gary Andersen on lead guitar, and Eric von Rabenau (an original Shit Biscuit who's also played in Brutus and Legion of Boom) on bass. Despite band member changes, Tail have stuck it out. Thomasberg and Townsend, both original members of the band, do acoustic stuff on the side. And Thomasberg, who does most of the band's writing, has reunited with an earlier project, The Collective, to win a spot on this year's Lilith Fair stage as the Marty Winkler Trio.

Esoteric Eric, mastermind by well-seasoned local musician Eric Hohn, will make its debut at the upcoming Shit Biscuits gig. The debut also marks the emergence of Hohn as the band's main man. He'll be joined by P.J. Tracy on keyboards and vocals, Brad Steine on drums, and Matt Prudehl on guitar.

Hohn, who also books, manages, and plays bass for the Soul Tight Committee, is far from an amateur. As former bassist for funksters the Mubbla Buggs, Hohn spent several years playing with, and then teaching for, famed drummer Michael Bland. Now, in addition to STC and the forthcoming Esoteric Eric, Hohn plays jazz with the Futuras. For this batch of musicians soon to hit the Entry's stage, well-rounded is an understatement.

Amy Weber

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