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There is only one dimension. Call it "being".

Another word for "being" is "existing". That which "exists" or "is being" does so because human awareness can grasp it.

Our "grasp" is our way of "knowing". To "grasp" is to "know".

Grasping and knowing are actions of human form touching form other than itself.

The most secure sense of knowing for human form is in grasping substance. "Substance" is the most graspable concept for human form.

The one and only one dimension - BEING - therefore is best conceived as a SUBSTANCE.



The one and only one dimension - BEING or EXISTING - cannot prevail without SUBSTANCE. Substance embodies being that enables human form to GRASP and to KNOW.

SUBSTANCE - malleable in all respects - is the supreme ONENESS giving ground for all "otherness".

Space, energy, life, meaning, object, relation, action ... all evolve from the one dimension of SUBSTANCE.

There is no sense in the phrase, "being beyond substance", because there is no provision required by human form to grasp it.

The phrase, "being beyond substance", is meaningless, absurd - a confusion leading to conflicting human behaviors.

The phrase, "being beyond substance", is the same confusion as the phrase, "mind beyond body".

The word, "being", like the word, "mind", always begs for embodyment,... or else it cannot ..... be.


Form requires substance. Action requires substance. Relation requires substance. Ideas require substance.

This simply is the best way for human form to grasp and to know the world ... its being, its existence, its meaning.

Reality is real, because it is someTHING.

The someTHING of reality gets thinner,... as human form searches inward, but more and more massive,... as human form searches outward.

Human form, therefore, NEVER can grasp the ultimate thinness nor the ultimate massiveness of reality's substance.


The one and only one dimension of BEING is a SUBSTANCE beyond the total grasp of human form. BEING is beyond total human grasp, simply because its SUBSTANCE is smaller or bigger than our form can touch.

Existence or substance... always is in tact, yet sometimes out of reach of the hands we use to grasp it.

QUESTION: How could we possibly expect to grasp, hold, know something that our arms cannot fit around?

QUESTION: How could we possibly expect to grasp, hold, know something so thin and tenuous that it passes right through our fingers?

ANSWER: We could not, because this is the EXTENT of substance. Substance extends beyond our grasp. Regardless of how hard human form tries, we never can use our form to feel reality's forever-receeding tenuousness and forever-accumulating massiveness. Yet this forever-extending quality of reality... NEVER STOPS BEING SUBSTANCE.


A cannon ball cannot "feel the air, so it falls as though nothing is there. Yet someTHING is there. There is air. The cannon ball could not BE in the air, unless there was air through which it could fall.

There always is someTHING containing someTHING else.

A particular density of substance always is contained by another density of substance, and this density always by yet another, forever inward and forever outward.



We know what we grasp or TOUCH.

QUESTION: What can be touched?

THING is SUBSTANCE. We GRASP or TOUCH a THING or a SUBSTANCE. We can KNOW only substance.

If we can grasp any part of reality, then we must think of it as something we can touch, feel, sense. What we touch, feel, sense, know is SUBSTANCE.

REALITY is ONLY SUBSTANCE - a tangible, graspable thing to our senses.


Is there reality beyond our immediate grasp? ANSWER: We can only assume yes,... or else we (a form of reality ourselves) would have noTHING to hold us. We would have no reality beyond ourselves to hold us. Reality must exist beyond us, because we are a part of it.

We reason that existence must contain itself, even if all of it cannot be grasped by any single part of it.

My being implies a greater being removed from my immediate grasp. My being implies a lesser being that sifts through my immediate grasp, like wind through my fingers.



If there is no THING to GRASP, then there is no thing to KNOW. We cannot know this ungraspable no THING.

Some part of reality, therefore, always will remain unknowable, because it is ungraspable or untouchable.

The smallness of human form cannot grasp the bigness of the ONE reality.

The ONE reality, which also can be small, passes through the bigness of human form.

There seems to be a contradiction here. But no,... there is an interplay, where human form is held in the middle.

Human form emerges from the smallness of reality on one side. Human form extends into the largeness of reality on the other side.


Human body is a whirlpool within the various density progressions of the ONE SUBSTANCE.

Human body threads out of immense smallness of the one substance. Human body reweaves into immense largeness of the one substance.

The one SUBSTANCE "expressing" itself as a particular dynamic form is human BODY.


All that "is" or "exists" is substance. Substance is the primal precursor to all else.

BODY is an arrangement of SUBSTANCE. MIND is an arrangement of BODY. MIND, therefore, is an arrangement of SUBSTANCE via BODY.

SPIRIT is an arrangement of MIND,... is an arrangement of BODY. SPIRIT, therefore, is an arrangement of substance via MIND.

SPIRIT, MIND, BODY ... all are forms or actions of SUBSTANCE - the primal substrate of everything.

This way of thinking gives a firm sense of grounding to REALITY. This way of thinking is how human beings feel most satisfied about KNOWING.


Where there is no sense of substance, we loose our footing. We loose our foundation, and we dangle in confusion.


This means: SUBSTANCE evolves to BODY. BODY evolves to MIND. MIND evolves to SPIRIT.


SUBSTANCE leads to BODY,... leads to MIND,... leads to SPIRIT.

SPIRIT is SUBSTANCE-dependent.




SPIRIT is substance that is beyond body and mind. SPIRIT is the ever-thinning cloud of someTHING, whose end we can never grasp. SPIRIT is our sense of substance beyond us and within us,... from which we evolve and to which we return.

SPIRIT is our awareness - our awareness that we come from a grand infinite expanse and regression of someTHING.

SPIRIT is someTHING beyond our total grasp - it is our beginning, our foundation, our link to ONEness, ... which never stops EXISTING.

SPIRIT is BODY's MIND sensing vastness of eternal BEING.


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